Pixhawk with BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC Gimbal


Does any of you have experience to install a BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC gimbal to the Pixhawk, or have the technical knowledge to inform me if this is possible?

More information about the brushless gimbal controller can be found here: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc/

I used this gimbal in combination with DJI Naza V2. I assume the Pixhawk can be used as well to control the gimbal (if DJI can do it, Pixhawk should definitely be capable). The gimbal controller board will take care of stabilizing the 2-axis tilt & roll. I only want to be able to control the camera pitch. Is this possible?

Thanks for suggestions.

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            • So far, I did not have any issues with Arducopter 3.2. I'm not sure if the issue with the combination Futaba R7008SB/Pixhawk is fixed with this new firmware. Check this topic for more info on this subject: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/problem-connecting-pixhawk-and-fu...

              I did get responses on stick control, but like a said, it was very unreliable. Sometimes it did work and after a pixhawk reboot it might/might not work. Haven't tried the flight mode switches as it didn't pass "my test" for stick control. I didn't dare flying it in that situation either, so I just went with the PPM encoder board. THat works flawless.

              I tried the autotune function in Pixhawk, but it wasn't very successful: too high values which was causing my quad the become too responsive. It was also oscillating and heavy vibrations.

              There is a topic on this issue as well.

      • This thread at ArduPilot might be useful to you, although with different Radio


  • Can you give an example of what you're trying to accomplish? I control my AlexMos gimbal's pitch neutral point directly from an otherwise unused R/C channel on my Tx/Rx, so without involving the PixHawk.  I presume you are more interested in an autonomous pitch change, say like pointing the camera down on arrival at a waypoint, or maybe when a particular flight mode is engaged, etc.? I too would like to learn how to do that, if it's possible.

    • Hello Chim Xotox, 

      I used to fly my Multicopter with a DJI Naza V2. After reading so many "unwanted behavior" from Naza I decided to upgrade to Pixhawk. I was able to control the 2-axis gimbal's pitch through the Naza (pretty easy setup). The SimpleBGC control board can hold the camera position stable without interference of any flight controller. But I would like to be able to control pitch using my TX (Futaba 14SG). 

      If autonomous control is possible that would be an ideal situation. But as I'm a noob with Pixhawk I have no idea how to accomplish that. For now, I just want a stable camera, with pitch control. 

      • Hi,

        AP can let the gimbal point to a defined region.


  • Have you looked into the Wiki for the built in camera gimbal function? (http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-camera-gimbal/) then just hook up your AlexMos controller as written there, to prevent the APM from controlling the gimbal automatically just disable the "Stabilise Tilt/Roll" tick boxes. Assign a control to the particular channel you selected in the screen given in the links (on both your Tx and on the APM itself) and you should be all good to go...

    • Good advice, I used it to get mine working. Had a bit of fun getting Rc9 working. Bench test with small servo on rc 9 first to ensure you separate pixhawk and Alex moss issues.
      • I just tested the suggested ideas. First I tested if the gimbal is still calibrated correctly, which was the case. The camera held its desired horizontal position according to my manual movement. Note: the gimbal was only connected to a battery. After this I assigned channel 8 of the Pixhawk and TX to control pitch (I use my left slider for pitch control - Futaba 14SG). I connected the pitch servo wire of the gimbal to AUX OUT1 (only ground and signal). When connecting the battery to the gimbal the Pitch motor will turn completely upwards. It is does stop only due to the motor wires, which can turn any further. Funny thing is that the camera keeps its horizontal position if I manually move the gimbal. I a very awkward "sky-view" position, but it seems to be horizontal. Moving the left slider didn't make the pitch motor to move. Apparently I do something wrong. But I don't know what.

    • Thanks Luke! I've must have missed that Wiki topic.

      I will try your suggestion and post the outcome ASAP.

  • Nobody who can answer this question? 

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