Problems Connecting to APM after Update?

Has anyone else had any problems connecting to your APM 2 after the update to the mission planner (1.2)? 

On both Mav link (3dr 915mhz) and USB it starts to connect but about 2/3 of the way through it just hangs up and then Times out.

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  • Will,

    I notice the same thing.  If I just plug in my 3dr radio and usb for power only, I can connect just fine, however if I plug in my quad motors, and receiver, my radio will not connect (even with a sold green light).

    However!  If I power up the TX, start the arming process, my radios connect every time without fail.  I'm not 100% sure where the problem is occurring, but give that process a try.

  • For anyone having problems, this seems to be the methodology to solving  them: (most of the time)

    First unplug everything from the APM, if that solves it then start adding things back until you find the problem

    IF you still have a problem then do the above but also Put all the settings back to default and then add things until you find the problem

    IF that still does not work, then do all of the above but then ERASE and re-flash APM.

    I know this seems like common sense, But Allot of times you don't even consider things that you "know" could not be the problem. Every time you do that your building on an assumption and when they start to pile up.....well you know that story.

  • I had MP version .87 up and it was showing GPS and was correctly displaying  roll/pitch/yaw in Flight Data screen.

    I upgraded to MP 1.2 Mav 1.0.

    I now have GPS: No GPS on Flight Data Screen.

    What's up with this?

    Thanks to whomever....

  • Well, it is solved!!  I uploaded Adruplane which asked me the EEPROM will be erased, I clicked YES, then I uploaded the Adrucopter again!

    it works fine.

  • Hello,

        I have the same problem with 2.7, I use win7 64 through USB connected to APM2. it starts reading data for a few seconds then it hangs up.

    I am downgrading to the previous version.

  • @Georges P.: You can compile  and upload ArduCopter-2.6with  arduino-0022-relaxpatch

    You can compile and upload ArduCopter-2.7 with arduino-1.0.1-windows using this patch

  • I have also problems on APM2, Mission Planner 1.2 and V2.7.

    My PC beeps when firmware is writing to board and don't know why.

    When I arm the motors and increase speed, 2 of them stop atfer some seconds, and problems with ESC calibration.

    It was correct with older versions and V2.6.

    I tried to reload V2.6 on APM2 with Arduino.exe (Arducopter.pde) but it is not easy (why isn't it possible to choose the firmware version in MP?).

    It seems 2560-2 board is not in the list.

    How can I load V2.6 firmware?


  • I have found the cause of my problem. Here is explanation:

    1) AP_Baro::calibrate()

    Suggest to to rewrite this piece of code to avoid hanging in future

    Here is infinite loop:

    while (ground_pressure == 0 || !healthy)


        read(); // Get initial data from absolute pressure sensor
        ground_pressure = get_pressure();
        ground_temperature = get_temperature();

    The problem issued by erroneous I2C reading. Looks like my compass HMC5883L hanging the I2C line or so...

    2) AP_Compass_HMC5843::init()

    int numAttempts = 0, good_count = 0;
    bool success = false;
    byte calibration_gain = 0x20;
    uint16_t expected_x = 715;
    uint16_t expected_yz = 715;
    float gain_multiple = 1.0;



    Added I2c.begin() and I2c.timeOut(20) before the first read of I2C interface as it done in AP_Compass_test.pde .

    This solution works for me. I use compas based on HMC5883L from


  • Hello everybody.

    I'm experiencing troubles with ArduCopter_2.7. Connecting via USB to MissionPlanner_1.2. Connection successfull, but  can't get flight data from my APM1. CLI->test->ins shows gyro and acc data being changed while I was rotating my APM1.

    ArduCopter_2.6 works fine with MP_1.2.

    I have attached the MissionPlanner console log and the screenshot of flight data window.



  • 2.7,  I have a laptop and my main computer here, and on both of them halfway through the usb was disconnecting / reconnecting as soon as I started to connect. Using my telemetry radio it would just hang up. I went back to mission planner 1.199 1.0 on my desktop and now I can connect again, but not from my laptop that still has 1.2 on it. weird because it worked for awhile.

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