I've recently put together a quad with DJI FlameWheel 440 frame, ESCs and motors and APM 2.0

I have few problems:

1. in Stabilize mode it's extremely difficult to hold altitude: when I slightly increase the throttle to avoid crashing the copter continues to ascend and even small change causes it to descend and it bounces up and down. I tried changing the controls but they seem to have no effect so if anyone you guide me which ones to pay special attention to, that would be great. (note: in loiter mode it's much more stable).

2. the copter also seems to have problems with holding position despite solid blue GPS light. I managed to put it to stable hover in stabilize mode and then switched it to loiter mode then without touching the sticks observed what's it doing - the copter was drifting to random positions within 15-meters radius - I would expect better from GPS (note: it was open space and no wind at all).

Any help would be very much appreciated

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  • I tried auto tuning, but it crashed, then I tried manual tuning, it's still not became stable and crashed.

    Can anyone help me how to make my build stable and less sensitive.

    Now when I just touch throttle it rapidly goes up-down. I tried modifying sensitivity, radio transmitter curve etc nothing helped.

    I want my hexacopter to less sensitive to radio input, smooth roll,pitch and yaw.

    What should I achieve that??
    Flight Controller: PIXHAWK PX4 2.4.7
    Firmware version Copter 4.0.5
    Transmitter: "FrSky Taranis Q X7 ACCESS 2.4GHz 24CH Mode2 Transmitter with R9M 2019"
    ESC: Hobbywing XRotor 40A-OPTO ESC
    Motors: Tarot 4108 High Power Brushless Motor (380kv)
    Frame:Tarot 680Pro
  • I broke 12 props so far with the same problem.
    4x 800kv + 4x 1147 props
    i used to have wobbling issue which i solved recalibrating
    but now i have the same excat problem as you....

    despite the big props it take off at 65%... then it's a rollecoaster of the throttle stick...until it crashes because i lose control...

  • Hi i too am having problems with throttle in stabilize mode. The quad is all over the place jumping up and down. The more time the quad stays in the air the more throttle up and down inputs i have to use to keep the quad in the air. I have to change it to loiter or it will crash. 

    I need help please as i can't resolve this problem, would like to get this out of the way so i can move to pids.

    Thank you

  • MR60
    Tom, for your first issue, i experience the same problem where throttle control is extremely binary and not progressive at all as it should be to allow easy control. I have a post on this here:

    I hope the community here will belp us find an improvement or workaround because it is the whole point to fly our arducopters easily!
  • I just built a 540mm frame,  ntm 26-28a motors 30amp esc.  I get a perfect gps lock and can not fly in stabalized simple mode.. 

  • Hi Tom,

    Get a GPS lock while your USB is hooked up, if your experience is similar to mine, you can watch your Quad in the mission planner flight data section wander around and make periodic excursions even with 9 satellites showing.

    I believe that GPS inaccuracy is at least partially responsible for this problem. 

    As for the first problem I would like clarification that the Alt Hld Thrust / Throttle PID is actually used during non automatic mode operation: EG Stabilize and if this is true why is it prefixed with Alt_Hld.

  • Thank you all for the discussion above. For shure many of my kind of pilots, pedestrians all over the world, listen and learn.



  • Guys, I would not recommend using throttle curves for taming the throttle.

    It will complicate the PID tuning.  What I recommend is to lower the throttle P value, say by small increments, say 0.10, to reduce the sensitivity.

    Also, there should be no notching on the throttle stick.  It should be smooth, otherwise it's very hard to get good throttle control. If your transmitter stick has notches, either file them off or put a piece of electrical tape over the notches to smooth it out, yet keep the tension on the throttle.

  • T3

    Glad to hear it worked Michael!  I switched to a Spektrum controller, so I have six channels and a throttle curve.  The quad flies like a dream now!

  • I presume being an Aussie you are flying with a Mode 1 radio.

    I tried this initially but found that the throttle on the same stick as the roll was far too difficult to handle.

    Switched the radio to Mode 2 and have had a much better experience.

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