Ok update guys.  The last two releases....  whats up?!?!?

Ive now updated firmware twice and both times I regret it.

From the factory my APM was rock solid!  Rock Solid....  not Obama rock solid.

Today was my second firmware update and its as satisfactory as the first.  The first upgrade caused wandering and subsequent crashes with version 3.1.2.

Saw 3.1.3 was available... so I update in hopes the issues were fixed with 3.1.2

Now if something has a problem you make a fix... or "update". Right?

I mean the end objective is for the thing being updated to work better than the previous right?

Today was my first toilet bowl experience. A little un-nerving since the crashes with the last update.

Yes yes calibrate calibrate....  but lately all I do is calibrate instead of flying confidently.

If people have to be wary that its a coin-toss whether the updates actually improves or degrades the APM performance. They will all be flying NAZA instead of 3DR.

One more bad update and I will no longer be an advocate for the APM and the community.

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Most of the time the fault is with the user. Most users dont really know everything back to front, take shortcuts, dont retune after an update and so on.

But honestly whats the bet, someone who doesnt really know how to setup their copter got it wrong, or the programmers really screwed up and never fly or try their contibutions in real life. I know which i think is the reasonable assumption.

Inverted? Hook your APM up to your computer and check over everything. Pick it up and move it around a bit, sideways, nose up, upside down, every which way, then post a log here, I'll take a look at it for you :) you could very easily have the orientation in your parameters set to upside-down ;) These things happen a lot :)

Dear Austin,

Take a look at the link provided above. There are lot of info to look at, including logs and a 10 min video of the flight and the crash.


First post here :)
Hello, I upgraded my hex to 3.1.3 yesterday, and have done a few flights (total only ~30 minutes so far), including an AP mission. It's working fine so far. Before it was on 3.1.2, and also fine.

I have however carefully calibrated everything properly.

I don't think you can state that this is a bad update.

The wise user also saves a parameter file after you have it tuned up and working nicely. That way when something gets hosed or you do a FW update, you can reload the known good parameters.

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