What do I need to start

Hi All,

I am very new to all these and do videography, I want to start making my own Hexacopter from scratch, can you guys guide me through it please?

What do I need? I have already purchased a frame on eBay and waiting for it to arrive, I want to build one with GPS and hopefully autopilot, etc. can you please tell me what are the part s I need and where should I get them, etc.

This is the frame that I have bought, should I buy the main board, motors, transmitter etc from them as well for from other sources;




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  • Buy your stuff from 3D robotics they are awesome

  • Hi to all on here. I too am in the same boat, and am coming into this as a geographer with a strong RS/GIS background, but not strong in engineering. I have a friend who is quite good with electronics helping me out with my build of a arducopter Hexacopter kit, but in my research on all these terms, I cannot find much on why you would go with a APM 2.5 with cables entering in from the side vs. one where cables enter from the top. 

    I plan on using this to mount cameras, using a camera modified to shoot Near IR, so I'm looking for stability and longevity in the air. My research shows I should go with the 3S for motor/battery, but without seeing a comparison of side mount vs. top for the cables on the APM 2.5, I have no idea which configuration to go with. Any comments or thoughts?

  • Hi Michael,

    I think I live near you. I am North Sydney.

    I have spent the few months building a couple of quads. There is a lot to learn.
    I was considering using building a hexa but don't really have a need for one now.

    I would be happy to show you what I've learnt.

    PM me if you are interested.

  • hi ,I sounds to me your jumping in at the deep end .

    why not get a cheap $20 quad  frame 4cheap esc and motors and naza lite  along with radio

    (I would still get a good radio set ).Learn to fly  ,keep reading the forums here and once happy with

    your flying and safety .Move on to  your Tarot .

    I say this not to discourage you but help you stay interested in the hobby .because if you smashed up the tarot with camera

    APM etc (and you will crash!!) its a lot of money to replace.

    Anyway which ever way you go good luck

  • Hey Mitchell-

    I got started with 'drones' not too long ago. I remember the first time visiting this site - everything was so overwhelming. GPS, APM, PDB, Mission Planner, ESCs, PID. I didn't have a clue what any of this meant. I did a LOT of reading, mostly here, and feel like I have enough knowledge to make this a fun hobby. I wanted to build my own and understand what everything did, so I bought the 3DR Arducopter Quad kit. I had a few minor issues putting it together, mostly from not understanding the terminology in the instructions. I was able to get it built, complete with GPS and telemetry and was amazed at how cool this thing is. Added a camera and saw my flight times decrease, so bought a hex kit. This one went together very smoothly and flies great.

    With that said, I still have lots and lots of questions that I'm looking for answers for. I try to find them here, then check Google, then return here and ask if I can't find the answer. Although some questions i just don't ask because they seem so elementary ;)

    Good luck, and like some of the previous posts mentioned, just remember you get what you pay for...

    Just my $0.02.

  • Sorry,

    These two then

    ArduCopter ESC 20 Amp (from 3D Robotics)

    Turnigy Multistar 20 Amp Multi-rotor Brushless ESC 2-4S

    and what about the battery,

    s2 or s3 one?

    Do I need any thing else too, so I can order the same time, I do not want to wait 4 more weeks for the rest!


  • T3
    Get the telemetry. It's handy if your copter flys away, you can find it.
  • That Frame Looks Awesome! You can get most of the other parts form 3D Robotics Store:

    - HEXA Power Distribution board 

    -6X 20 amp ESC

    -6X 880KV Motors

    -APM 2.5 + Set

    -telemetry if u need it


    -Flight Batery

    RC Gear (remote and receiver)

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