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Christopher Roberts commented on Ian Lyons's blog post CASA reveals a well reasoned approach to drone regulation
"No dates have been given. I was told the process would not even start until after the election as they were in "caretaker mode". It is a slow process."
Sep 23, 2013
Christopher Roberts commented on SkyDrone.aero's blog post Sky Drone FPV - Digital 4G/LTE FPV with MAVLink and APM Support on Indiegogo
"This is great but I am more interested in an 'off the self' long range telemetry via 3G/4G.
I want the ability to track and control a plane or copter from any range."
Aug 18, 2013
Christopher Roberts replied to Mitchell Yazdani's discussion What do I need to start
"Hi Michael,
I think I live near you. I am North Sydney.
I have spent the few months building a couple of quads. There is a lot to learn.I was considering using building a hexa but don't really have a need for one now.
I would be happy to show you…"
Jun 22, 2013
Christopher Roberts commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Drone Con 2013 !!!1
"It would be great to watch this online at a later date."
Jun 3, 2013
Christopher Roberts commented on Bill Bonney's blog post How to program Expo on the Throttle channel for Open9x
"I just flashed Open9x and I was going to set something like up this week. Thanks."
May 20, 2013
Christopher Roberts replied to Glenn M's discussion Loss of radio control
"I think I had a similar issue. I've been looking at channel inputs to try and determine if the transmitter failed.http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/fly-away-crash-during-alt-hold
See attached file. Channel 1 = roll.
Having the radio off produces the…"
Apr 23, 2013
Christopher Roberts replied to Christopher Roberts's discussion Fly away crash during Alt Hold - SOLVED
"I am starting to think it is a radio issue. See attached graph.I am using relatively cheap RX equipment. Turnigy 9xr with Orange RX transmitter & receiver
Channel 1 = rollChannel 3 = Throttle

During my post crash test, the input for channel 1 & 3…"
Apr 23, 2013
Christopher Roberts posted a discussion
SOLVED - I am going to put this down to loss of radio signal.I have:- Setup failsafes with the current orange radio receiver. The signal now defaults to center stick for all inputs and is set to RTL.- Purchased a frsky transmitter & receiver that…
Apr 23, 2013
Christopher Roberts commented on CrashingDutchman's blog post senseFly eBee
"I was given a quote of $40k (AUD)."
Jan 22, 2013