Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress

I have successfully built an API that will work with Ipad/ Iphone and will be able to port it to Android. This app can create missions, follow live mavlink .9 (Still working on 1.0) data with telemetry data. Cool thing is that it is a cheap cable to make. I want to know how many people would be interested in this App and the cable. There will be two versions one for jail broke devices that will have a few extras and for regular IOS and Droid OS. If there enough buzz I will give a lucky few in couple weeks a free beta pass through iTunes to be able to test and use for flight. What the app does is that it send a mavlink message to the xbee or 3d radio back and forth so you be able to fly and track using your tablet or phone.



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Yeah, I notice the baud rate goest to up and down in some test. I have them set at 54k but they go down to 0 when pids are changed. Only on FTDI adapter i think it decoding and coding the data back and fourth. The bluetooth connection is solid link.

what about adding network socket support for getting the data from a mavproxy?

Keep up the great work..

I can do that. Just wondering what the lag would be. Direct serial or bluetooth connect is faster at receiving and delivering data.

Apple sending me contracts with MFI program on my cables. Don't worry this won't make the cable and dongles expensive. The encoder chip that got awhile back that lets you use bluetooth with no jailbreak codes will be easier to in productions levels. Still looking at $50 or less for this.

This is the datasheet on what bluetooth chip will be used.

However, I can't display the coprocessor chip that apple sent you so you don't have to jail break.

Success with bluetooth a xbee and even 3dr radio with IOS. PCB board is next in step. This will also work with Ikopter if you don't have a APM.

you are building things on old technology imo, but at least you are doing something, so keep up the good work.

Jan, what tech would you use instead?

Most people devices only support bluetooth 2.0 and usb 2.0. In the future I bluetooth 4.0 LE I will not need IAP chip from apple. The tech cheap and will be cheap for people to use their iphone 3g to Iphone 4s as a GCS station. I test sending messages with my protoype hardware and was successful. It is a little messy but I have protype pcb that is clean and each to get smd chips solder on. I ran a test this morning with my device and my apm2 and was able to send messages with no problem. jailbreak of course. Still waiting on the IAP coprocessor chip from apple. Approval take awhile and cost cash but I am not asking for anymoney so it on my own dime and time. I know alot of people want this.

Also to remember I am trying to keep things "cheap" Ikopter cable is $250 direct cable and they use someone else API's

My tech will cost $50 or less and you just plug in your xbee or 3Dr radio and click connect and done. Connect time is instant with my device and baud rate is 54K that pretty good

Will it work on an iPad1?

Yup, It being tested on the Ipad1 and Iphone 4s so old tech and new tech.
Plus you don't need a battery the ipad or iphone will power the radios

well as i said, just my opinion. awesome that you get it done, it's quite a complex project doing the hardware and the software part.

What's your plan with this? Opensource it and sell the distribution through the iTunes store?

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