Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress

I have successfully built an API that will work with Ipad/ Iphone and will be able to port it to Android. This app can create missions, follow live mavlink .9 (Still working on 1.0) data with telemetry data. Cool thing is that it is a cheap cable to make. I want to know how many people would be interested in this App and the cable. There will be two versions one for jail broke devices that will have a few extras and for regular IOS and Droid OS. If there enough buzz I will give a lucky few in couple weeks a free beta pass through iTunes to be able to test and use for flight. What the app does is that it send a mavlink message to the xbee or 3d radio back and forth so you be able to fly and track using your tablet or phone.



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The hardware part is finish and submitted to apple MFI. The bluetooth hardware will be for sell for cheap I might make a kit out of it or have it all be assembled. The app will be opensource and sold for cheap $1 or $2. Xbees and 3dr radios are not included because most people allready have them. I am engineer for Gov so I am used to hardware and software developement.

I would like you opinion you would not need an platform specific GCS application.
you could use this in a air plane for cellular communication bridge PTZ camera control
or on the ground! for ground station GCS over http via wifi or UART with antenna tracker
I like to implement these features
UART, xbee to Bluetooth & wifi bridge
ground station
Ethernet possibly POE
web server php, http GCS interface
antenna tracker
UHF receiver antenna tracker
video in
video out
video over http
all on 2 cell lipo

I like to implement these features
UART, xbee to Bluetooth & wifi bridge= Done and hardware up for approval.
ground station= In progress
WLAN= It possible
Ethernet possibly POE=no
web server php, http GCS interface=yes can be done but have to have a server laptop or intnernet. Also, will have lag due to all the paths you have to go through.
antenna tracker= Can be done but it will take up processes. Future project.
UHF receiver antenna tracker= depends how you connect the radio.
OSD= Yup
video in = nope on IOS devices you will have to have web server and little laggy. Tried it.
video out= Yeah apple Air
video over http= Only way you can get video.
all on 2 cell lipo= What voltage? My hardware runs on 3.3volts xbee and bluetooth. Battery depends on current outtake. 2cell should be fine.

I found a good platform for this already along with a Arduino to do the OSD & PTZ . this is what I am thinking should not cost more than $200 Arduino is able to run on a 2 to 3 cell lipo

XBEE VIN is not so great and bluetooth to.

Please ask for more than this. i think 10 dollar is in place if you make it work well. This is stil a pretty niche market after all, it's not like an iPhone game. I want you to get well funded to put ressources in such an project. There certainly is a lot of work in this if done properly.

Update working on a PCB board that will run wifi\bluetooth\ and serial to IOS device. Will make a android device board. It will have two ports for either 6pin xbee and 3dr radio. Also will have a usb port if you have the usb 3dr radio that comes in one of the kits. Sending out sch to get boards made lead time is 5 days. Once get the protype boards in will solder and test out all the functions. App is still in progress. Still working on some Mavlink issues. So far my test platform is sending messages crazy fast I send 2mb of data on the xbee 900 and received in less than 10 secs. IAP chip from apple is the chip I am waiting for the non jailbreak devices. I will start looking for testers in week or so. I have to go back to Cali for couple of weeks so be super busy around then. Plus kid on the way.

Update final board design is going to be sent to BatchPCB for making. Going to make a few runs and have selected beta testers test out hardware and app. Still waiting for apple to give me the go ahead to order the chips with the decoder for non jailbreak devices. (Hopefully I get the goahead sometime this week.) I have a few emails addressess of people intrested, however, I need you send a message to my inbox mail and explain what uses and how this app and hardware benfit you. How much do you fly and also are you located in the states or far away? Thanks


I'm following your work and I have a question. As I'm using an iPad, I'm wondering if it is possible to have a direct BlueTooth link between APM Xbee BlueTooth and the IPad, without another hardware necessary.

It could be really simple to proceed this way and avoid Apple hardware compatibility fuss.

Thanks for your work,


Yes, with jailbreak device. The non jailbreak needs a iAD authroization chip that can only be available with the Apple MFI program. Jailbreak feature will have direct connections feature btstack. However, the non jailbreak will have the iad chip will be part of the bluetooth module. I can buy the modules without it, but I would rather buy the APL modules all in one same size as the regular bluetooth module. I just threw in $20k towards apple for this project. So I can get the APL modules.

Update. Still waiting on Apple. I be going to Cali this Sunday again for couple weeks to get some stuff work out. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling so I can get these chips. Software is still being workout and has a good foundation for options.

Look here, an existing browser-based GCS through wifi by John Wiseman and Pat Hickey:


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