Iphone and Android App Ground Control Station with Mavlink is in Progress

I have successfully built an API that will work with Ipad/ Iphone and will be able to port it to Android. This app can create missions, follow live mavlink .9 (Still working on 1.0) data with telemetry data. Cool thing is that it is a cheap cable to make. I want to know how many people would be interested in this App and the cable. There will be two versions one for jail broke devices that will have a few extras and for regular IOS and Droid OS. If there enough buzz I will give a lucky few in couple weeks a free beta pass through iTunes to be able to test and use for flight. What the app does is that it send a mavlink message to the xbee or 3d radio back and forth so you be able to fly and track using your tablet or phone.



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any photos or vids of your work?

When I get home from work I will take a screen shot of actual. Unless wife goes in labor. Due date today.

Congratulations! Wishing for the best.

Hello Zachary,


i am working on a Mavlink generator (from Mavlink xml files) for Java...

Perhaps we can have some common work? :-)

I am very interesting by your Android version, is it possible to see your code in your git repository?


Best regards


Guillaume Helle

Yeah, I been looking at putting most of the code on git hub. Baby stuff keeping me extra busy lately.

same here, babies are awfully time-consuming - I've tried to learn him to fly.

Now that is funny.

lol You just have to teach him to keep the COG...In-flight movie: "Baby goes UAV"!

Zachary, "the kid stuff" will keep you very busy...I hope that you still will get time for writing the Android version.

I am desperately trying to ditch carrying the Netbook and mouse around! How does anyone hold the RC and operate the notebook whilst flying?? It's a good job both my sons are a bit older and can fly for me whilst I fiddle with GC. They're 9 and 12. All the best and congratulations for getting this far!

Regards JB

Update* Really no update since new kid and stuff. I been working on hardware design to change a few things on the radio module. Apple is being slow. I be sending new mods to pcb board maker and have them made few days. I havn't work on the code much this week or probley next week. However, I made a internal server for the Ipad and iphone that will be able to store missions and maps of the area. I trying to see about video where the HUD would go. So there be HUD or video options. I have a design in mind and will post it in the near furture for your DIY folks. The version1.0 radio module for function test where successful. So for the folks I pick for testing I be asking for more info soon.

*Update. Had my kid on last thursday and havn't had a lick of sleep. Project will be recontinued next week and hardware has arrived. Just need to solder it and test.


*Update. Have my hands on IOS 6 and working on intergaration with new frameworks such as maps. Will be able to have a 3d map On the HUD. Did a couple of hardware changes to the board to include bluetooth 4.0 for new devices. Sending out board design to board makers soon. Got schematics from apple on the new connection type for the Iphone 5 since the 30pin is gone and the adapter they made will still work with the AirMavGCS module. To add this will be a serious GCS on the ipad/iphone/android devices. Software release will be TBD. Hardware release should be sometime next month if chips are in. Mavlink protocols work will and send live data really quick with the 3dr radios, Xbees lock up everyonce in awhile as they always do. However, the 3Dr radios work the best I learned with bench test. Working on Mini Skywalker aircraft with APM 2.0 to do some test flying soon. I will include a cmd feature to the apps to be able to send custom commands to the APM or the P4X autopilots for loops and rolls to have the plane do tricks in the air. I forgot to add you can also use this module on your pc to have a wireless connection to the antennas. For example you can have you computer in your hands and have the module on a pole to increase distance. That all now.


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