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  • Just finished the build of my 3d Printer.  LETS SEE WHAT WE CAN DO!!!!!

  • My Thingiverse.com Parts page.

    I have some printable RC models here, http://www.thingiverse.com/scooter46290/designs/page:1

  • I'll take a wild guess that the base is too thin and maybe the spindly legs are too thin.

    They dont like the trailing edge of an airfoil as you probably already know.

  • You can get a refund for the rejected model. They've change their software a few months ago to be more strict.  I was printed things before the change that are now "unprintable".  I think the models that are on the edge of acceptable, will cause them to reject a whole print batch if it fails, and cost them more money than it's worth.

    This one for example is now unprintable.


  • It certainly isnt "just hit a button".  Shapeways accepted my model and then rejected it after they got my money.  The large size of the model had thicker wall requirements.  To meet the requirement wrecks the model and the cost skyrockets.

  • El7ias, what are your requirements?  Size?  Resolution?  Plastic?  By professional 3D printer are you talking about a printing house such as shapeways or an actual printer from one of the more traditional 3D printer vendors?  

    Keep in mind that a 3D printer is great for one-offs and prototyping, not so good for production.  Nor is it "just hit a button", but it's getting easier all the time.

  • Hi everyone, I have been designing body kits for all kinds of multi rotor system and have gotten requests for custom frames as well. I am on a quest to find a professional 3D printer I could move my work through. All advice very much appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

  • Good try, sorry for the rat's nest.

  • No luck.  I think the problem is that first its profile is too thin, nothing much to stick to the platform, and the overhang doesn't help it either.


  • Ellison, here's the wing tip.  It's not scaled right and the Z axis isnt oriented right, but the shape is close.7408tip.blend

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Be careful with 3D printers in crowdfunding campaigns

Be careful  to buy 3D printers in crowdfunding campaigns !One of the most commons errors that startup companies do is to sell at too much low prices their printers in the crowdfunding campaign .Then they will do not have enough money to build and ship the printers when  some extra cost arise, i.e. the express courier do not maintain shipping quote.The more they succeded with the campaign the more they will have problems to ship the printers.With the paradoxically  situation where you'll find in…

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Free 3D printed 250 Class FPV Cruiser Download

Hi AllBelow is a link to a free download. to download you need to sign-up to the website STLhive.comhttp://www.stlhive.com/shop/drones/meteor-fpv-quadcopter-m1-250/The design is a little heavy because EVERY single part is 3D printed. The design is intended for beginners and students.CheersShaneStlhive_FPV_00155_Ph4.jpg

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3D printed drones without wires/solder!

Hi group,I'm looking for a small/micro quadcopter design that has potential to have its wires and soldered connections replaced with fully 3D printed circuits and power traces.Our company, www.functionalize.com, would like to provide samples of our highly conductive F-Electric PLA filament and another yet unreleased highly conductive (even more so, actually) material we believe can do the job. Our web page shows recent examples of printed Arduino-compatible processor sockets, dual layer circuit…

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