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Nexus 7, the way to go!

Hi guys. Just a note of happiness.

I have been trying Andropilot the last 4 to 5 weeks, and had experience with different hardware. After some frustration, which I will explain, I decided to get a Nexus 7, as it's what I think Kevin uses to develop.


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Who da boss

Sorry if I missed this somewhere but which is the primary device. By this which takes priority.I flew my motor glider a couple of times today. 

On the second flight I tapped loiter on my tablet from stabilize selected on my RC tx. Off into loiter it w

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TLog saving without SD card ?


I have seen in the features of AndroPilot that it can save tlog on sdcard. I plan to run this app on a Nexus 7, but I need the tlog saving. As the Nexus 7 doesn't have the sdcard, can we save the tlog into the tablet's memory ?



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