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Introduction to Andropilot

Andropilot is an open source android based ground control system (GCS).  

Before posting questions in this group, please check the excellent wiki manual maintained Peter Meister.  If you find missing bits in the manual, please ask here and then update the wiki based on what you learn.  Together we will keep this manual complete and up-to-date.

For most users the required hardware is:

  • An Android phone or tablet (preferably tablet) with USB 'host mode' support.  Most newer devices have this but you should check (and then update) our compatibility list.
  • Operating system 4.0 or later (all supported versions of android should be equivalent now, except for direct connection of APMs.  Direct APM connection will be slow for androids before version 4.2)
  • A USB host mode adapter.  Probably something like this.
  • A supported autopilot (please update this wiki page as you test new devices)
  • A telemetry link (the 3dr 915/400MHz radios are recommended - they seem to work better than the xbee radios for this application)

Feature list:

  • Super clean user interface
  • Rock solid
  • GamePad support - you can use this for basic vehicle control, with no need for a RC transmitter/receiver.
  • Built in touchscreen joystick overlay with haptic feedback.
  • Direct control & monitoring of ArduPlane/Copter with no PC required. Just a $5 USB adapter cable and your Android tablet or phone (Android 3.1 or later). No rooting or hardware mods required.
  • Bluetooth to serial adapter support - useful for phones that don't support USB host mode.
  • Warnings about high levels of solar radiation (GPS outage inducing)
  • Map view
  • Parameter editing (with parameter documentation)
  • Waypoint editing (including setting waypoint type/parameters etc...)
  • Shares your flights via www.droneshare.com (G+, Facebook, Google Earth).
  • Follow-me mode to have the vehicle follow you
  • Lead-it mode to steer/move vehicle by turning your body and tilting the tablet
  • Vehicle mode display & control (AUTO, STABILIZE, etc...)
  • Speech output (for mode, altitude and battery alerts)
  • Capture tlog files to sdcard
  • Direct connect to USB on the APM
  • RC channel 'raw' view
  • 3DR telemetry module support
  • Warnings for low battery, low rssi, or low GPS sat count
  • Fully android 'native' (Scala backend talks directly to the USB device and renders the frontend)
  • UDP link (either as a client or a server)
  • TCP link (as a client)
  • Special support for the Archos GamePad
  • Monitor your vehicle through an optional Pebble smart watch.

Current release You can download from the Google play store.  

(See the discussions below for particular releases - releases are just too frequent to keep updating this header text)

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  • Kevin, Tested with the Wacom Digitizer, Galaxy Note 8

    Tried on the Nexus 7 too but a true digitizer is so accurate for selecting waypoints, its just awesome, adds a lot of fun to it.

    Thanks, Ed,

  • I'm flying just now with 1.7.14 with samsung galaxy s3

    Tested manual and auto functions.

    Test joysticks

    Everything ok
  • Just tried 1.7.14 on my Galaxy Note II.   I have a working HUD.

  • me too on my Samsung S4, no HUD...

  • Just installed version 1.7.14 from Google Play on my SII and Note 8.0... there's something wrong... on both devices there is no way to have HUD,,,,

  • Developer

    nope - not yet.  probably soonish though...

  • Anyone know how or if I can change meters to feet? I looked around in the program but maybe I missed something.

  • can you add Hdop in the Overview, maybe on the same line of GPS sat? I think could be very useful to know the real state of the GPS navigation system.




  • Developer

    Hi Gireesh,

    Sure, no problem.  Can you post your comment as a new discussion in the group?  (Much easier to organize responses that way)

  • Developer

    Hi Titeuf, the link to the manual is at the top of this page. https://github.com/geeksville/arduleader/wiki

    An android ground controller (and other things) for Mavlink/Arduplane - geeksville/arduleader
This reply was deleted.

Andropilot says Looking for Vehicle -- same radio works fine in Mission Planner

My last working configuration was APM 2.6 with Xbee 2.4 GHz radios. This worked great in both Andropilot and Mission Planner. I swapped out the Xbee radios for 3DR 915 MHz radios. The new radios work fine in Mission Planner. I can read location, telemetry, everything I'd expect.HOWEVER, the new 915 MHz ground radio using the same OTG cable on my Android get stuck "Looking for Vehicle". It moves from "Looking for radio" to "Looking for vehicle" when I plug the new radio into my Android USB port.…

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GPS time from Andropilot

I have been using andropilot for a while now and like it as it seems to work for us, well done!For the current job that I am doing, I need to synchronise my MAPIR camera clock with the APM GPS clock before each mission, is there a way to see what the GPS time is from Andropilot? I can't seem to find that information anywhere?Secondly, why am I seeing tlog jpg images in the logs folder? Is that something new?

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