Arduplane 2.70 Altitude failure

Hey everyone,

I currently have two airframes running APM 2.5 with the new 2.70 firmaware, both were running perfectly on the 2.68 code however aftyer loading 2.70 both airframes now constantly lose altitude, this happens in all flight modes and was perfect before, has anyone any ideas as it must be connected to the new firmware.

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  • I am planning to test 2.7 on Saturday if time permits. Did anyone else notice that at the end of 2.7 install there was a message stating you need to recalibrate the accelerometers. Maybe not doing this calibration step after is part of the problem? I know how to calibrate the transmitter and perform a propr manual level but does anyone know what that message actually means?
  • Not sure if its relevant, but I lost altitude significantly on a flight whilst following the Navigation Tuning instructions.

    "2. Start with the NAV_ROLL I and D terms and the Crosstrack Gain all at 0; This will allow us to dial in one term at at time."

    This sent my plane into a left hand descending bank that would have hit the ground if I didn't engage RTL.

    ALSO: Can someone let me know if camera triggering is working or not? So many talk about it but I haven't seen anyone with any form of success.

  • I flew my Skywalker with APM 1.4 hardware + V2.70 firmware last Tuesday and it seemed to be holding altitude.

    In fact 2.70 did quite well, better than me on manual mode, considering the wind was 7 m/s  gust to 11 m/s.

  • hi marc, just chk the CG once again and when u use 'level' command in the mission planner, keep the plane in very slightnose up attitute. APM is sensittive to CG. also once again trim the aircraft in in 'manual' mode alone.

  • please attach dataflash log.

    maybe thtottle_cruise too low and thr_max < 100%

  • I had a similar incident that resulted in the loss of the airframe.  The plane was sent out to a waypoint at 1 mile distance to check both the 3DR telemetry and the OSD video.  The plane started to orbit the waypoint but was continuously losing altitude. We commanded RTL mode and that was confirmed on the OSD video.  It started a turn back to HOME but continued to lose altitude until it crashed.  I've kept our second APM on version 2.68 and flew five successful missions yesterday.  Maybe we can find out what 2.70 is doing with altitude control that is different from 2.68?

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