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  • @Carloss84: To see the parameter list you have to have an APM connected via USB or Telemetry. I've seen the hardware list view not load properly if I didn't have an internet connection. Try those and see if it works for you.

  • Hi, having problems using mission planner, it worked fine before, but haven't used it for a few months and now when I click on the config tab and go to params nothing appears ? also advanced params ? and theres no firmware for any vehicle , I tried to update on help and it came up with a error and couldn't update ?. So unistalled the old software and installed the new 6.12 I think it is ,and couldn't get it to open mission planner ? it also came up with a error so had to restore my computer to get the old one back as then atleast I can use mission planner . any help please ? cheers. the old version im using is mav 1.0.

  • Hi guys,

    Can anyone point me to the specs and wiring directions/instructions of the 3DR servomux board? The board is no longer in the store and a search on the new forum returns nothing.  

    Thanks in advance. 

  • Hi group,

    I'm quite close to flying with APM in Big Ugly


    I attach some logs of two ground runs, the vibration doesn't look too scary, then, what do I know ?




  • done. Thank you bill

  • Developer

    @leopoldo: Could you raise your question as a forum post as it's easier to comment  on that post. (see Add a discussions" button above left of this post :-) )

  • Hello all, 

    I need your feedback and help, yesterday I was flying my airplane with APM 2.0 I saw in OSD that it changed to Circle mode, that was probably because a low Tx or Rx low signal.

     Since I noticed the mode change I move the switch and put in RTL mode. OSD show me that it was in RTL but later when the airplane was coming back it changed to circle mode itself. So I had to put in manual mode and flew it back to home as I could.

     I did other test and it happened two or three times more.

    Each time that switch to RTL mode meanwhile the airplane was coming back it change to circle mode alone.


    This sound real strange for me because I understand that when you change to RTL mode it has not change  the mode until you move the switch.

     Could you please help me understanding why this could be happened, in this condition the RTL mode is not reliable.

  • Hello all, I am not sure this is the right place to be asking basic questions, but here goes:

    I am using xplane 9.7 with mission planner 1.2.35 mav1.0 to get started flying using the sim. I am able to fly the plane in xplane, but the only mode that works is the manual. If I switch to other modes, I can see that planner switched to the mode I switched to, but the the plane doesnt stabilize and I can still control the pane as if i am in manual mode. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

    The other strange thing is I am only able to calibrate the radio and fly the plane using the ArduPlane V2.70 instead of ArduPlane V2.70 HIL. If I upload the HIL version there is no communication between my radio and the planner. How do I get the radio to respond in HIL mode? I am wondering if this is why it doesnt work when I switch to stabilize mode.


  • I don't know if there's the right place to post but i try... How could i help by translating Arduplane Wiki in French ? You probably know that the French guys are a bit lazy and have great difficulty even with google translate !!!

  • Thanks Stephen Gloor will check ot the DraftSight. Been down for a couple weeks had a hip replacement.

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Cruise speed

Hi,I want to adjust cruise speed.At default settings I have a ground speed of about 42km/h (without airspeed sensor), and I think the optimal speed should be lower. In the mission planner I have value "Cruise speed", default 12m/s. I updated it to 9.5, but don't see any change in actual cruise speed.How to set cruise speed?Are these different settings with RTL speed? For RTL I prefer keep it as is - less efficient, but more reliable.Is it possible to adjust cruise speed during flight, providing…

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Long distance LiPo

I'm currently building a Talon (v3), mainly waiting for parts.While looking for high capacity batteries I found out two things; There are a lot of brands, and prices are still steep in the high-cap regions.I've also seen a few people on the Tube using 18650 cells, but none of those explain why.Does anyone here have experience with these custom 18650 packs?And which 'cheap' brands of standard 5~12A 4S seem to work best?I'm going to use an Emax GT3526 710KV swinging a 13x6.5 prop, which should…

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Quad plane pitch problem

Hi I have been setting up 2 quad planes, pretty standard setups...flying wing with 4 vtol motors and a rear mounted pusher motor. Both builds wich are on different firmware versions have reversed pitch in quad mode but correct pitch and pitch stabilisation in plane mode. I cannot for the life of me find a parameter related solely to quad pitch reversal. Is there anyone out there that can help with this? Thanks.

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PreArm Check Error : Gyros inconsistent

Hi guys, I have a Pixhawk from Radiolink and always in every first attempt of armed I get the error "PreArm: Gyro Inconsistent".The most strange thing is that i'm using only the external gyro+compass. i disabled the internal to avoid this issue. Also- I tried to recalibrate the gyros at least 5 times.- I changed the firmware version from the latest to the 3.8.53 because i have a friend with the same board and he does not have issues.But i have the same behaviorIf i disconnect the battery and…

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