So, which gimbal to get?

the options I have as of now are:

Zenhuse 3d

DYS Smart3

Walkera G-3D

Quanum Q-3D

Xcam A10-3H

Feiyu Tech FY-G3 3-Axis

The main issue I keep reading on most of them is quality issues.  With any of these, I would use with the GoPro Hero 3, and I would need to get video out.  Plus those that allow for charging also allow to keep the battery out of the GP, so less weight to carry around...

Anyone got any experoence with any of them?

Ideally, I would like to use not a GoPro, but a Sony AcrtionCam Mini (hdr-az1 if i remember correctly), which is lighter and has better performance than the Hero3, but I have yet to find a gimbal for it...


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  • Well, I got tired of fiddling with the DYS gimbal's controller and replaced it with a STorM32.  The controller was doing it's thing, but first the yaw motor started acting up.  Fixed that and then the ROLL motor started acting up.  I am in the process of replacing ALL the motors now...  What a PITA!  Those motors cables are just TOO flimsy!

  • Hi I have used cheap 2axis  ebay   gimbal they work ok.

     I recently bought a 3 axis  IMP (rc timer) Fabulous value, large diameter motors loads of torque

    and joints are slide and twist .this means that spot on balance can be achieved with C of G exactly on each pivot line

    and then lower power values  can be used.

     I can highly recommend you look at these.


  • Well, I decided to go with the DYS Smart3 3 axis gimbal...  Will get the GoPro once I get back from my business trip (which happens to be to Florida, so I ordered the gimbal via 2 day air, so it should be getting to the hotel by the time I get there).  And since we sell GoPro in my company, I can buy them locally at cost...  I just hope the gimbal works as advertised!

    • got the gimbal and the go pro...but now the gimbal is acting up.  sometimes there is just no response from the gimbals motors even though all the leds are on, and some times it works ok.  But when it DOES work OK, it works within a certain range only.  Go past that range (about 60 degrees down, for example) and the gimbal goes berzerk!  Any ideas?  I suspect either the motor connection or the cables themselves...

  • The weight difference between a GoPro 3+ and the Sony HDR-AZ1 is only .4 ounces or 12.5 grams.  This is very minimal in weight overall.  Although I see why you like the Sony unit (price and resolution) the issue is no one makes a gimbal system for cameras the are longer than those that are wider i.e., GoPro and other clones. You would have to either purchase a over sized gimbal platform that supports a SLR style camera or build your own which could be a challenge figuring out the right size gimbals and tuning necessary to support the longitudinal length of the Sony camera.

    I'd be interested in seeing your finished project if you decide to go with the HDR-AZ1 with gimbal.

    • I know what you mean about there being no gimbals for it...  I thought about doing one myself (3D Printed), but I think for simplification, I will just get a gopro...

  • Sorry, can't help you there. I'm interested in a gimbal as well, but not sure what to get.

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