3DR Y6 wont lift off

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I have a stock y6 that I bought used (2013 model A configuration). It has the APM 2.5 controller. I have changed the wiring on it to the y6 B configuration. I have 11" props on the bottom and the 10' props on top. I have run all the calibrations with my spectrum x8 radio plus have calibrated the esc's several times but I am unable to get the copter more that a few inches off the ground. It "seems like" the motors do not increase speed past the 50% stick setting. I have on one occasion got it about 8 feet in the air and it seems to fly ok once airborne but for some reason it is a dog and comes back to earth and stays in ground effect motors dont speed up or slow down. I double checked to make sure I was in stabilize mode.

Can the battery be the problem? I only have the one that came with it, a 3s 5400 20c venom. it is not puffed and takes a balanced charge ok. I would assume it would at least fly it for a few minutes. I am not sure what else to do to trouble shoot this problem and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 


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  • Ok and now for the update. I made a mistake putting on the props. I have put so many props on airplanes I just didn't think about it, I put the bottom props on, with the letters facing the ground and not the sky :(  boy do I feel dumb. Anyway it is now airborne and seems to fly just fine. Seems twitchy in the wind but for my first flight it went very well. I wish to thank you all for your feedback on my problem. This is a great site so many folks that are willing to help. I hope someday I can repay.

    Thank you


  • Lots of good information here I really appreciate all the feedback. I will give it a go with the reload and see what happens.

    As far as the battery goes...With the APM 2.5 will the extra voltage of the 4S battery be ok? I have the power module that comes with the system. I need to order more batteries anyway I just need to get the right ones. 

    Thanks for the advice it really helps especially since this is my first multi-rotor. My other experience is in fixed wing and helicopters.


    • It's already been mentioned above but double-check that all props are mounted right-side-up (and of course rotating in correct direction). We've seen this before here - many multirotors will fly, but just barely, with the props on upside down.

    • The 3DR power module will handle up to and including 4S so it will be fine.

  • I had the same problem on the weekend. This occurred after I had gone through the Mission Planner Wizard.

    I discovered that the THR_MAX parameter had been set to 100. I changed this to 1000 and away I went.   

    This may be what is causing the issue. I also checked all other parameters to be sure. 

    I hope this helps. 

  • I had the same problem when I built my quad. In the end my quad was a little to heavy for a 3S set up I went to 4s and now I can just about send it into orbit. May try a different battery make sure it is at full capacity or try a higher cell rating like I did. Also just go back to basics see if it climbs ok with standard props top and bottom.. Just a suggestion.
  • Check parameter THR_MAX.  It should be 1000.  This is your maximum throttle allowed.  1000 = 100%.  If it is any less, it will limit your maximum power and cause this.

  • Check your propeller orientation. Is the embossed writing denoting the propeller size and direction facing the sky? All six propellers?
  • Developer

    I agree with Chris's advice that it's likely a config issue and doing an eeprom reset and the re-doing the config will likely fix the problem..

    If it doesn't, I think providing a log file will help get to the bottom of the problem.  It's very likely that a log file will have the info in it that shows the problem (or at least rules out most possible causes).

    best of luck.

  • If it's level it's not the motors. I'd agree with the decision to reload the software with the new config. It sounds like a software logic issue to me.
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