"Dynamic RTL" would be automatically returning to my current gps location instead of the original launch point.

I have clients that want me to shoot stills and video of yachts, out in the ocean. I'm doing one tomorrow. I'll be on the yacht and we'll be moving. If I get into trouble (like losing my video feed, or some other issue), I'd like to be able to use RTL on my Nexus tablet running Tower. I figure it would have to be Tower because my radio doesn't have gps.

Can this be done? I can't find any documentation for this feature. I've already used Tower in follow mode so it doesn't seem like a stretch to just have my quad return to my current location.

I haven't seen it (I don't own any DJI products) but apparently, the DJI Inspire has this feature.

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  • The only way to presently launch off a moving vehicle/vessel is to disable the pre-arm checks.  If you're going to do this, you should do a full test flight on solid ground to make sure everything is working and calibrated properly.

  • Developer

    I hear the latest beta of Tower has the return-to-me feature which should work with Copter-3.3 although I haven't tested it personally.

  • A moving "RTL" after dataloss?

    • No perfect answer for this situation.  However a moving RTL in this situation might best head for last known location in hope of reaching a closer point where data or manual RC control could be established.  Then update moving RTL location or assume manual control.

  • Well, my mission failed and my client was disappointed. The weather was perfect, there was no wind, and the ocean was beautifully calm. Even so, the gentle rocking of the boat was enough to prevent my quad from arming. I tried several times. No go. 

    So, it looks like I'm not the only one who wants "boat mode" or some other solution that will let me launch and fly multiple battery packs from a boat. 

    I just started a new thread with all of the information I could find, plus a few of my own ideas here:

    • If you lose RC link where would it go to when it can't get your current position though?

    • A valid point but one that needs solving. Launching from a moving platform is very much a requirement these days.

    • yea, I usually do brand new accel calibration while still on the ground and than disable pre-arm checks. over the summer I did it on 4 shoot on Tahoe. A bit risky, yes, but that's how it works anyways with DJI controllers. 

  • My first thought was ................ ok, when I'm done with the shots of the boats (or moving POI) and I'm on a moving *tower*, why not switch to the *follow me mode* to keep the copter near to my position (boat) and then land on deck?

    Perhaps the new command will be a *RTT* :)  (return to tower)

    • 1. Being as how RTL is coded to return to certain point, Im sure you could code a secon (Think RTL2 that returns to a different point....but It appears its already being looked at.

      2 If you have a quad or other multirotor.....Pixhawk has become a must. Plains are fine with an APM because it doesnt need a whole bunch of intertial code just to keep the the thing level (not counting flying) and that takes up room  and benefits from  faster processors just to keep steady on top of flying.

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