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I'd really like to have some pieces laser cut for my quadcopter, but since I'm not willing to plop down several grand for a laser cutter, I'm looking for some options.  Does anyone know of any laser cutting services where, for example, you can upload a design and have them cut your parts from 3mm plywood and mail them to you?  If these types of services do exist, what might make one better than another?

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  • If you are just cutting plywood and you want to prototype, buy your own CNC machine:

  • Thanks, everyone, for the info.  I'll look into the companies that you guys have suggested.

    I appreciate your help.

  • I don't know where you live but this bloke is worth a try.

    Robert Phippen
    Wolf Models
    Ph 07 54657897

  • Try here.

    For carbon fiber a different laser is required - than for wood.  This outfit might do it.



    Laser Cutting Service - Austin TX
    CNC Laser cutting and engraving in Austin, TX
  • On a similar topic, does anyone have any suggestions for finding someone to custom cut carbon fiber plates?

  • I've got a contact that I work with who is in this industry and knows a lot of folks.  I asked him about it and he said if you would let us know where you are located he can see if there's someone local that he knows.



  • You might see if there's a local hackerspace.  They will almost certainly have a laser cutter.

  • I noticed Pololu has one :

  • That would be Manzano Laser.

    can't edit from my phone.

  • You can try Charlie and Vicki at Manzani Laser. They do custom balsa and ply jobs for RC aircraft kits. On their site they've got a tab for custom cut jobs and their requirements. They're located in Arizona so shipping has always been quick for me. Http://

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