Ardupilot and Arduimu+V3 compatibility

Hello everyone,


I've been trying to find a definitive answer to a problem I've been having for several days and I'm really hoping this community can help.

1. Is the arduimu+v3 a direct replacement for v2? Is it compatible with ardupilot legacy as the imu solution.

2. Are their users currently flying with this setup?


I greatly appreciate anyones help and input so that hopefully I can get flying.





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  • So I've used the provided code for the ardupilot and arduIMU v3(1.9) and ardupilot code 2.7. Why won't the stock code for the ardupilot and IMU that state that they work together Actually work? I've followed all the instructions to the letter. The Manual control works but the stabilization doesn't. I've changed the mode selector so that on a 2 position switch the first mode is manual and the second is stabilization. What am I missing? I have the ESC hooked up to channel 3 on the receiver, channel 5 of the receiver hooked up to the control connection on the ardupilot, and servos hooked up to the output of the ardupilot, and no GPS because I was informed that it would at least do Something without it and don't want to get a GPS if that's not gonna fix the problem. Like I said, Manual works, but other than that nothing is happening with the servos when switched to stabilize. Can someone send me their working code to load into mine and test? Adrupilot original (red board from spark fun, and ArduIMU v3 also from sparkfun
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    Victor,I'd take a leap of faith on it working and not try to read it. If it still does not work try it with the connections shown not the other pins?
  • Was just looking at the code between AP and IMU.

    Looking at the output code from the IMU and comparing the variables to what I found in the GCS_Standard header in AP, they don't appear to be consistent. ie. for roll, pitch, etc.

    3692569476?profile=originalMaybe I'm just confusing myself? I'm assuming whats in the ArduIMU output header is the info that get sent to AP. Does anyone know where the code for receiving that data is in the ardupilot code?

    Additionally, this is from the ardupilot wiki:
    6) When you have completed the SET_RADIO_LIMITS procedure (if applicable) and the IMU had finished ground start and has gps lock, you should get blue LED's on both the IMU and ArduPilot--solid on the IMU; flashing on ArduPilot. That means you're ready to go.

    This is my case when my imu led goes solid, the ap led is still flashing, which according to the above means it's ready to go. However, if I switch to stabilize or fly-by-wire and move the imu board around, nothing happens. servos don't move to compensate.

  • Alright so this morning I hooked everything up again and I did notice that the IMU wasn't flashing the blue GPS LED, so I debugged the GPS data in RealTerm, and it seems that it somehow had reset the baud rate to its default (9600), I programmed it back up to 38400.

    I then hooked it up as normally as shown below:


    Note that the gps led on the imu is flashing, as I can't get a fix in the house right now. The ardupilot gps led is also flashing. It never goes solid even when the imu has a solid blue light.

    3692568082?profile=originalThis is how I'm hooking up the imu to the AP so that I can debug via the FTDI cable/serial. There are another set of Tx/Rx pins just next to the gps connector:


    And finally the data being output via serial for AP, and the IMU:


    3692568360?profile=originalAs you can see the imu outputs data that I can read in the serial monitor, and the values change as I move the board. (disregard the absence of a GPS signal right now). But as you can see from the AP data, no data is getting to the board and being output on the serial monitor.

    *I've set Print_Binary in the IMU code to 0 for this demonstration only.

    I hope this is just a simple silly mistake on my part so I can get it working, but it's looking stark :(

    Thanks again for the help!

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Doing some google searches on the discussion groups on DIYdrones there appears to be some lingering discrepancies abut the compatibility.

    Chris Anderson replied that is it possible but some code modifications are needed.

    I would attempt to modify the code but I have no idea where to begin.

    But then other sources say that it's pin compatible with V2, I'm not exactly sure what that means.

    If Harry uses the v3 successfully, hopefully he'll chime in.

    The GPS I currently have is a skylab skm53 with a mediatek chip. I have the arduimu set to NMEA in the code. And from debugging I can see that it does get a lock and reports gps data.



  • I havent looked at the version 3 code as of yet,

    I would belive that it all stems to the output from the imu ...being in the same format arranged so the legacy knows what info is what, ie: comma delimited txt in a certain order for each sensor, binary or not binary , reset control pins and so

    I wish i could point you in a direction that can be of help

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    I only have version 2, so I can't give advise on that board, but the software has option settings for both boards so I believe it is fully compatible. I believe Harry is using the version 3 board.

    What GPS are you going to run? There are settings on both the boards that neWeed to be correct for the GPS.
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