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    Doc, How's your project going?

  • I know it's not directly related to Ardupilot just yet, but I got the ArduIMU based Tricopter working finally.  It was pointed out to me that SPI wont allow certain pins to be used at the same time as the MPU6000.  All I had to do was move the ESC's and servo to another set of pins and reassign them.  Time for testing. 

  • @Graham Dyre, Now I understand it, manay thanks. In fact I want to be clear about behaviours of each of the functions before I fly but still there are some problems on the hard/shotware side. I will fly when I will get hold of all those issues.

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    You can bring it back in FBW mode as the plane flies normally (in FBW_A) except roll and pitch are limited. I used it extensively in teaching as it never allowed the student to exceed around 15 degree roll or pitch. Also used it for FPV where again it wouldn't allow excessive bank or roll angles.

    In FBW and Stabilize modes a degree of stabilization is always present, ie if wind turbulence causes a small roll the AP will correct the plane and return it to level. In Manual mode no Stabilization is present. The plane will fly as if it had no AP.

    Of course, Auto is full autonomous waypoint navigation including stabilization but not rate limited if you "nudge" the controls.

    At all times you need to be in range of the radio, I experimented with a few code revisions from Jason Short to get the failsafe to work properly but that was never concluded.

  • @Graham Dyre, OK thanks I get it now. So on FBW the plane has to be within range of radio and to bring it back the radio will be switched to MANUAL.

  • I went to a lot of trouble to try and get Jean-Louis' TrIMUpter code to work with the new IMU and the best I can do is to get it to control one motor only.  The other motors and the servo just beep.  The one motor does react to movement of the IMU but I need more than that.  If I take out the IMU code, it responds to stick movement like it should.  

    What I'm wondering is if dividing the code into seperate loops might help.  I'm not sure how to do that, but I notice the MPU6000 runs at a slower 10 Hz and the main loop() is at 70 Hz. 

    Any theories?

    Anyway, I might just give up on the IMU doing double duty.  I might be better off adding Tricopter mixing to the Ardupilot since it will work with the new IMU. 


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    Very simply, in practise as I understand it, FBW is Stabilize but with a rate limited function (you cannot exceed certain bank and pitch angles). Stabilize itself allows unlimited bank and pitch angles while still providing stabilizing functions

  • Hi all, A simple question: Is Fly By Wire (FBW) follows some GPS WP. If so then what is the difference between FWB and AUTO? If not then what is the difference between FWB and STABILIZE? What it is actually used for?

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    Not to be too geeky but I think that a molded in "eyeball" is all the ticket.  Something that would allow you to have one of those security domes on the outside to keep the aerodynamics but some gear on the inside keeping the video nice and level, or two eyeballs one forward the other side view where their roles could switch based on orientation.

    Regarding the 2.2 or 2.7... I've always said bigger BIGGER!  If you are considering a beast of 2.2m then going 2.7 is not any worse off, quite the other way imo, better payload, better for heavy winds, once it breaks down, it wouldn't matter so I say 2.7... When are we going to be able to get our fingers on one of these? I really want a large delta...

    BTW - I'll post the code and recap what you said about it being an interim and the key points on GPS. Thanks 

  • HI Guys,

    Brian, no problem, summet worth noting is that this is an interim version,i think teh V2.8 will have the 5 pos as Harry and i were talking, and the ability to script a flight, (not APM way, as i want to keep it with all present variables)

    Overview, nothing i can think of right this moment, apart from GPS is everything, its all the keys to all the locks...

    If that is not working properly it wont fly properly,

    Anwar, not had a chance to look at your data yet, but i wil get back to you on that.

    Did a little more of the X-10 also..
    2 versions have sprung from it, the original at 2.2m, and the extended (which to me and others that suggested we did it) looks much better at 2.7m3692473041?profile=original3692472850?profile=original3692472980?profile=original3692473057?profile=originalAnyway...thoughts?

    Kind regards,


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Manual for Ardupilot Mega 1.0/1.4

Hi, I have a couple of the older APM boards.  I stopped flying for a few years and kind of lost touch with them.Trying to get back into the hobby now and I've discovered that all the instructions for the old boards are no longer available!  The boards do seem to be working and can be connected to Mission Planner. Could someone please assist by directing me to where the relevant legacy manual can be viewed/downloaded?Thanks so much...

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Ardupilot (Legacy) code?

Hi all,I found an original AurduPilot hardware I bought some years ago and never used and I would like to use it for a boat.Unfortunately all links to the manual and code are taken down :-((Could someone point me to a source or supply the original files for download?Would be shame just to trow away such a historocal piece of hardware!Thank in advance, Kai

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ArduPilot w/ ATMega328 boards & ArduIMU+ V3 kit

Hi there I bought a couple ArduPilot w/ ATMega328 boards a few years back, but didn't get to use them .... work got in the way! I'm still keen to do something with them -- using an IMU set-up - but now that ArduIMU+ V2 (Flat) is no longer available/produced (understandably as much as changed since I bought my boards) it seems that 3D Robotics Inc's ArduIMU+ V3 kit (or the board from SparkFun) is the only IMU available. However, I have read that it isn't compatible with the ArduPilot legacy…

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Arming Problem with Ardupilot Mega1.4

I am new to this group. I was using Ardupilot Mega 1.4 for my Quad and it was working reasonably well. I made some frame modification and programmed the board with APM Planner 1.2.67. Then the accelerometer caliberation, radio caliberation completed successfully. But when I tried to arm the quad it was not getting armed. I tried almost every thing I know but could not get it armed, some thing is going wrong.Can anybody help me? 

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