Telemetry in Australia

I have an Iris from 3DR and would like to connect a OSD and fly some auto missions.

What is the correct telemetry frequency we are allowed to use in Australia?

915mhz or 433mhz.

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  • I can only tell you what works for me:

    For video and osd I transmit using this: Video Tx and Video Rx plus the Tx Antenna and a decent Receiving antenna

    For the telemetry I don't use their modem instead using a great modem: Better than 3dr modem and that is directly compatible with mission planner.

    Hope you'll see the "light" :-)

  • Read this - especially the bottom

    From a regulatory perspective, you want to operate under a thing called the "Low Interference Potential Devices (LIPD) Class License". If you comply with its requirements, you don't need an individual HAM license (which is why it's called a class license.

    The link above gives you the settings you need to comply with the license.

    You picked a bad time to buy from 3DR, but they might still be able to ship radios. One of the Aussie distributors *might* be willing to do a swap for you.

    You're probably better off with the 900MHz if you want to operate legally, but the 433MHz if you're happy to blow through the license-required power. 

  • 433MHz

    915MHz is 3G

    • Long story short 915mhz is fine you do not need a license to use because of the way the telemetry radios operate.
      433 can be used without a license BUT you must turn the power right down to 25mW in the settings.
    • Thanks Dave,

      Seems like I have the right one then? From all the answers, it sounds like a confusing subject. Can you confirm that I need a license or not?

    • No licence for 433MHz but its a very narrow shared band.

    • No license for 433MHz as long as, your transmission power does not exceed 25mW. Anything beyond that will require a HAM Radio License to operate it.

  • Speaking of 900mhz, how is it that mobile phones and 3g mobile usb sticks can get such good range with hidden tiny antennas but fpv equipment needs much larger antennas that are not quite as effective ?

    • Yeah I think it's just the sheer size and power of the towers themselves. If the receiver and antenna on the tower is sensitive enough you wouldn't need the 3G stick to be all that powerful. Also the towers have many directional high gain antennas spread out to cover the areas around it (or cells).
    • Just as a wild guess, I'd say its because the transceiver towers that your phone talks to push out hundreds of watts, and they have massive high gain patch antennas on full 360 degree coverage. If you could mount that transmitter on your UAV and have their receiver as your ground station you'd be able to fly until the earths curvature blocked the signal.
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