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ARRIS 2 Axis 360 gimbal for sale

Hi All,

Now that I am moving to fixed wing UAS, I no longer require the gimbal that I had bought when I thought that I would be building a Hex.  The gimbal is still in the original box and has not been fitted to an aircraft or even powered up.  It wil

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Finwing Penguin

Hello everyone,


I'm a complete newb to this, but worse I have no RC experience beyond simple fwd/rev/left/right type toys.  I'm hoping to set up a Fingwing Penguin as a UAV for aerial photography and multi-spectral NDVI as part of a project here at w

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SEQ Drone User Group

Hi everyone

Following this post on the DIY Drones forum, I have started a Meetup group for drone / UAV operators in the South East Queensland region.

You will find the new group here.

The purpose of the group is to host regular meetups for drone enthusi

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MR4 Discussion

The MR4 Quadcopter is an Australian developed product by BASK Industries and utilizing many components promoted on this forum.This Topic is started as a place to share experiences on the MR4. So feel free to make comment on anything related to the MR

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GPS to Ardu Board

Hi!  I bought an Ardu Flyer Board with a blox LEA 6H.

  The cable appears suspect.  The cable attached to the GPS has its ground at the extreem edge of the board.  The cable where is attaches to the Ardu Board puts the ground in the opposite position,

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Nav light positions?

Besides wing tip green and red lights, a forward facing white light on the vertical stabiliser, where do the anti-collision lights go?

I live under the main approach path to Adelaide airport (groan) and I've been taking photo's at night of light locat

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