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Sydney meetup?

Hi guys,I'm Tommy, based in Sydney. I'm a beginner. Wondering whether there is a recent/active group of builders, flyers. Most of the 'fly day' proposals were in the past.Tommy.

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3DR Stockists

Hi all,

A number of people have asked me about 3DR gear and that I should let this group know so I thought I would post something as a discussion to let people know that I am a 3DR distributor and have a lot of their more popular items available from

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2.5 and 2.6

I have just set up my first 2.5 with plenty of prompt inputs from Chris and John. Much gratefulness !!!

It has flown and I am now working on the Pids. The first flight was WILD ! I have never seen such  a shaking; but it has steadily improved and if t

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ARRIS 2 Axis 360 gimbal for sale

Hi All,

Now that I am moving to fixed wing UAS, I no longer require the gimbal that I had bought when I thought that I would be building a Hex.  The gimbal is still in the original box and has not been fitted to an aircraft or even powered up.  It wil

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