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  • Confirmed, had multiple issues with Banggood MS5611.

    All of them could work on IIC but not on SPI, looking with a microscope it seem quite obvious that there is a quality problem related to the reflow of the MS5611 itself : Solder joints are missing under the chip pin (and oubviously all SPI related).  I reworked 3 of them with a hot air station (Remove chip - repaste - resolder - reinstall and reflow) and they are OK now.

    PS , I asked Banggood  to be credited for these faulty modules and they did. My guess is that they are just testing these with IIC so they are flooding the market with non working  SPI unit...

    Bonne Chance ;-)

  • @Philippe

    I has this issue with faulty MS5611 modules.



  • Hello, I had to close to the selling as after testing we had a problem with the ms5611 module, the code said "Can't read PROM"

    when connecting this module alone on an arduino, it seems to work with IIC.

    We need to check those modules alone with the BBB without the BBBmini

  • Hello,

    Thanks Mirko

    here is the purchase link :

    I don't know why, but the item is not visible on

    We will definitly not earn a lot of money with those boards as they were mainly be build for internally use. But if the selling is profitable, sure we will give something back for this awesome work.

    The BBB arm board is far better than raspberry pi in a GPIO interrupt driven processes perspective.


    Philippe Crochat

    Anemos Technologies

  • I'd be interested in either a kit or a ready soldered BBBMINI board.

  • @Anemos Technologies

    I think you can post the purchase link here. But don't forget to give something back, when you earn a lot of money with that kit ;-).

  • Hello, We have just made a batch of 30 ready to use, already soldered BBBmini boards. If that does interest someone and if the group owner allows it, we can provide a purchase link here.

    Philippe Crochat

    CEO of Anemos Technologies

    Home Page
  • Admin

    Hi All,

    Linus, myself, and Rusty from BR have finally got the BBBMINI v1.4 working well with the latest ArduSub software for a Vectored six Thruster ROV Chassis.

    My latest ROV Project discussion post can be seen here.


    Tom C AVD

  • I am happy to announce that my DIY project BBBmini won Third Prize in The SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green IoT Contest

    BeagleBone ArduPilot DIY Cape . Contribute to mirkix/BBBMINI development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • "Flying BeagleBone Green" is very nice instructions as always by Mirko.

    Flying BeagleBone Green
    BBBmini is a state of the art Linux autopilot / flightcontroller Cape for the BeagleBone. It can be used for Copter, Planes or Rovers. By Mirko Dene…
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Build drone BBBmini

I saw on the Linus page that he stopped selling the BBBmini kit, so I ordered a shenzhen2u, it arrived in 30 to 40 days.In the kit, it features a mounting bracket for the HC-SR04, my question is: should it be mounted in front of the drone, to avoid obstacles / collisions? Or should it be mounted below the drone for the altitude hold function? Or can I put 2 sensors: one to avoid frontal collision and another to hold altitude?I found in Banggood a breakout board with the I2C and UART…

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BBBmini / Matek HUBOSD8-SE / Current & Voltage sensing

First time poster and newb DIY drone builder. So please pardon my ignorance.I've sourced parts for a DJI Flamewheel 450 clone. Obviously the FC is the BBBmini, along with the recommended baro, gps, sonar sensors also picked up a genuine 3dr telemetry radio which will be connected via UART. Finally I've ordered a set of Castle Creations DMR 30/40 ESCs.I'm left with identifying the PDB and motors. I have some used DJI 2212 920KV motors that I may swap out for some EMAX or Multistar 2213 or 2216…

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Get 'SIGBUS error' when I run the program

HI all,I need your help!I use BBG and BBBmini ,when I run arducopter-quad or INS_generic ,I get the error info "RCOutputAioPRU.cpp:SIGBUS error gernerated",I don't why I get this error.I am not good at English.If anyone know how to solve it ,please give me your hand. Thank you!

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