What is Pixhawk 2?

www.pixhawk2.comPixhawk 2 is a small cube, with a 38.5mm square footprint.All connection to the cube is via a DF17 connector coming out the bottom of the cube.This modularity allows for multiple form factors to suit multiple platforms.For the stand alone market, it will be coming out in two form factors to start with, a "Full" configuration, and a "mini" configuration. The full will have connectors for everything, the kitchen sink.... While the mini is restricted to the bare essentials.For RTF's or kit aircraft, I am working on a series of plug and fly systems, that allow you to remove most of your wiring from your aircraft, and take advantage of the easy to use modular structure.The cube also has a massive quality advantage. Given that every single pin is available on the DF17 connection on the base, it allows complete factory full motion testing and calibration of each cube.Pixhawk 2 is continuing to grow. When we release the Pixhawk 2 stand alone, it will be using the latest sensors available on the market, in a form factor that allows the ultimate in flexibility.Please note. Pixhawk 2 Stand alone is NOT a 3DR product. It is a community driven product, designed by the community for the community.A key requirement for my partner companies who will be making this will be active support of the community.Looking forward to announcing more info soon!Philip RowseLead Systems EngineerProfiCNCLead EE on Pixhawk 2 PX4 and Ardupilot Dev team member(formally 3DR sponsored)


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  • I totally understand your reasoning for calling it the Pixhawk 2, but from a branding and enduser perspective, I would really consider calling it something different. After all, it is going to be different from the version that is in the Solo. It will have different sensors at the least, right? And it won't be sold by 3DR. (Don't under estimate the significance of this.)  Moving away from 3DR warrants a different name because, right or wrong, the name "Pixhawk 2" is very much tied to 3DR and Solo. This could be a good opportunity to differentiate a new product and a new company. I would go as far as to even suggest dropping Pixhawk, but keep the connection by using "Pix". Maybe "PixQube". And the mini version could be called the "Pixi". To you, 3DR may not "own" the name Pixhawk (Lorenz Meier does), but to the market, they absolutely own the name. --- Just a little unsolicited advice. Feel free to ignore. :)

    edit: I guess I could also see this as an opportunity to steal the name "Pixhawk" back from 3DR. Regardless, it still should be called something other than what is in the Solo.

    • Maybe 3DR will change the name of their component allowing the mfgr to use the name Pixhawk.
    • Developer
      3DR and Pixhawk are different, 3DR manufactured the Pixhawk 1 in a deal with the Pixhawk group.

      We are continuing with Pixhawk 2, but just using a different manufacturer.
    • The question has been asked before, but... When do you think PH2 will be available? Are we talking about weeks, months? half a year? If I understood your communications correctly the last week, you are still in negociation with possible manufacturers?

    • Developer
      Manufacturing sorted, finalising the drawings for them to send for quoting.
    • Very good news. I hope the govt will not ban it to export to other countries - like Pixhawk 1 some times ago.

    • Developer
      As I am not in the US, and manufacturing will be spread to 3 countries (potential for 5), this is no longer a risk.

      More details to come
    • Great. Thank you Philip.

    • I completely agree with your statement of differentiate as product and company. Similar to the conflict that happened with Arduino not so long ago, they changed the name of the board to Genuino from the former name Arduino.

  • Developer

    3702187143?profile=originalThe DF 17 is shown here, this allows the Pixhawk 2 to connect to any custom carrier board.

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