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Gabriel Flores replied to terry vance's discussion Best way to balance a 3DR Y6 in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"Just try to fix the battery near the center of mass or if you have aditional payloads try to balance the weight so neither the front or the back is heavier than the other parts.
Personally if i set up my Y6 without any aditional payloads I fix the…"
Mar 7, 2017
Gabriel Flores replied to terry vance's discussion Please help in Arducopter Y6 Owners
"What do you mean with "fails at place level"?. Is the calibration of the accelerometer and level failing in Mission Planner or do you suspect that from take off tests?
If the problem happens during take off I would say the problem could be simple as…"
Mar 7, 2017
Gabriel Flores replied to Charles Hymes's discussion What is/was the model # or specs of the blue 3DR 2015 Y6 motors?
"Hello, I was in the very same spot as you some months ago. If you already have the need to replace motors, go all the way and replace the 6 of them. The stock blue motors are near the power limit and get very hot in a 4s configuration. If you want…"
May 19, 2016
Gabriel Flores replied to Philip's discussion What is Pixhawk 2? in Pixhawk 2 User Group
"I completely agree with your statement of differentiate as product and company. Similar to the conflict that happened with Arduino not so long ago, they changed the name of the board to Genuino from the former name Arduino."
Feb 18, 2016
Gabriel Flores posted a discussion
Hi guys,I've been searching the last few days for schematics or CAD files for the now discontinued frames from 3DR (Quad/X8 specifically) without any luck. Almost every promising link leads to a dead site due to rehosting/migrating of info.I was…
Feb 18, 2016