Hi all

Looking to replace my Pixhawk that died when an ESC went into meltdown and dumped batter voltage up the signal wire and just cannot afford the cost of the genuine items so was looking to the Chinese clones, I then stumbled across these 

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331784307248 and at under £50 quite a bit cheaper than the usual Chinese clones, but was concerned by the reference in the description to German & Russian firmware.

Anyone know anything about these, are they fully compatible with Pixhawk and Mission Planer and the normal APM firmware normally used.

I know you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap you buy twice, but I need to get something to replace my smoked Pixhawk and just cannot justify the cost of the genuine item at the moment.

Thanks for any help with this

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  • Hey guys, I kind of agree that Open Source means that there is neither originals nor clones. What Do exist though are companies/developers that contribute to the project (money, developing time, testing...) and other that simply make money on that. Is up to us decide if saving some bucks is worth that or not. 

  • For what it is worth, I have an HK32 and have been using it for the past few months in a test plane.  I have configured the plane to run basic routes and I am still doing some fine tuning.  As for quality, the only thing I do not like is the way the memory card is positioned.  I like to remove the card to dump the log files as opposed to using the USB connection.  The USB connection is kind of slow when pulling files in bulk.  SO when putting the card it, it is easy to put it in the slot and not get it in the card socket.  Basically, the Micro SD card slot is too tall and I have pushed the card in to the device and it falls into the void of the case.  I have to disassemble the case to get the card out to properly plug it in sometimes.  I am not sure if the 3DR is any better.

    One other thing I have an open question on is with the Gyros/IMU.  It seems that I have two GYRO sets.  I am not sure if both are in the Pixhawk or if one is in the GPS and one in the Pixhawk.  One of the two units seems noisy  and I am trying to get to the bottom of that now.  I have a post on that in another part of this forum.  Even with the gyro noise, the plane flies pretty well.  I just get a little glitch in flight every few seconds.  I do not want to turn up D until I get the gyro smoothed out.

    That is my $.02.


  •  Hi paul, dont buy this product... u will buy 3dr only last year i buyed pixhauk in china after 2 months  its not work..

  • Has anyone tried those small pixhawk variants coming from China? there often cheaper then even full size chinese pixhawks.. Are they really only missing " a few extra ports" ?

  • Hi All,

    I made a list of everything I could find relating to buying pixhawks.

    Please leave a comment in the parent post if know of another product that's out or on the horizon.


    • Thanks for the list, however several of those I don't consider to be clones as they are a departure from the original Pixhawk, particularly the Pixracer which is definitely not a clone. Even the CUAV Pixhack (I have one) is very different.

      A clone to me is copying the original Pixhawk board design.

    • OK. What would you call it then? I can update the list.





      Would be cool to sub-categorize them.

    • As DG stated, some are clones of the PX4v2 Gen, (1:1 copies), some are derivates (about same components / concept) of it . Pixhawk 2 is v3 gen, Pixracer is v4 gen.

  • There is one Made In France Pixhawk version with robust pins: http://drotek.com/site/
    Price is very competitive as it is EU made. I don't have first hand experience but it looks promising.
    Last my two low cost APM's has been fault somehow. Impossible to make fly well and Alt Hold is useless. Earlier JDrones and some cheapest on the market APM's worked fine but now these latest are not usable.
    • Where did you get that part that Drotek stuff is made in EU?Its made in China with contractor there...like almost everything else

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