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  • Hello james,

                      I am using  a taranis radio and a x8R receiver.Also using Sbus on pixhawk. I connected gimbal tilt wire (white)&Black(gnd) to RC9 on pixhawk and used the recommended settings for the PWM's.RC9 is the 1st set of connectors on the right of the pixhawk.Also powered tarot gimbal with 12 volt UBEC.Hope this helps.

  • Real nice picture Larry, of yourTarot 680 pro hex.

    i have the same copter as you do and in final stages to fire it it up.

    I want to hook up my Gimbal Pitch and the retactable landing gear to the Pixhawk AUX ports, have you done this, if so how do you map it to AUX ports.

    I guess I could connect it straight to the Futaba R6802SB receiver I'm using , to the Channels 6,7,8 I have open on my Receiver, I'am using Sbus to Pixhawk on the RC port.

    I'm also using a Futaba RC 8TFG.

    What version of Firmware are you using, I'm using 3.3 RC8, they have been having a lot of Crashes on 3.2 Firmware


  • Hi Guys, Just added a tarot 2 axis gimbal to my fy 680 pro hex.Connected it to the pixhawk as per settings.Works flawlessly.For ROI to work,the gps has to be locked on.3702057665?profile=original

  • I read that the Q brain 4in1 of 25A is compatible with pixhawk i think that i will buy to change by my emax.

    I will tell something when i will make some changes!

  • What about: 

    Q Brain 4 x 25A?

  • Hi,

    thanks Artem and arga firmansyah.

    arga, i read this time ago but i don't wanted to believe it till i don't check it. Do you have link (in emax website) where it says that emax 4in1 is not compatible with pixhawk?

    Artem i will try this that you say, by disable safety switch, but maybe problem is emax as arga say.

    thanks to everybody when i will try all possibilities i will say!


  • Hi gavarma, i face your problem 6 months ago.

    finally i found that emax 4in1 esc is not compatible with pixhawk. It confirmed on emax website as well. I finally then replace the esc that previously working great with apm.

  • Gavarma, I suggest you disable safety switch at all for the ESC calibration. Also in the full parameter list under ESC startup mode you can choose ESC calibration, than write and restart. And no need to change it back as AC will do it for you on the next startup. 

  • Hi Tim,

    Thanks for reply.

    I try to do this that you told me, but i only listen long tune of pixhawk and that's all. Here you have video:

    In video you can see that i don't switch safety correctly in second time to plug bettery, and after that i did it again correctly and i have the same result (any sound from esc and motors).

    Maybe can be a problem of ppm encoder? i can can check if the ppm encoder works well or the exit of ppm connection (that goes to pixhawk) works well?

    thanks for help again.

  • garvarma,

    The first time you plug the battery in with full throttle engaged, try not using the safety switch. Just plug in the battery, wait for the tunes to clear, and un-plug battery. When you plug the battery back in the second time, wait for a beep then lower the throttle, you should get a confirmation set of tones from your ESC's. I hope this helps you. 

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Hi,Im working on a autonomous drones and im using JETSON NANO and flight controller PIXHAWK .Im able to control my drone by giving rc commands on the MAVLINK terminal itself by connecting it with PIXHAWK but now i want a python code from which i can do some operations like:takeoff,left ,right,forward,backward…and i am not using GPS…Can anyone please help me…

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Flashing in Pixhawk

Hi everyone,Recently I've got my first pixhawk CUAV v5+. I'm amazed to see one thing that through one USB port only we can flash code and read the logging data. To understand how is it working I started looking schematic but didn't understand anything. Can someone please tell how is that working?

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