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  • 3D Robotics


    How long did you wait?  Factory resets wouldn't fix that.  I'd love to walk you through the update.  We can reach out to you if you'd like.  Solo has improved by orders of magnitude from when we launched.

  • So I bought a 2nd Solo to give it another try since the gimbal is now available. Amazon has $200 off for the bundle, and BB matched it.  

    It will not update Solo; stuck on "This app will disconnect from Solo WiFi during the udpate" and that's it.

    Did a factory reset several times but nothing.  Back it goes.

  • Developer
    Hi Craig
    I am hopeful of some positive movement on that topic soon, and will publish some details as soon as I have some.
  • Anyone heard any news on the optical flow sensor (vision sensor) for the Solo? 

    It would be nice to get more stability and safety in some locations surrounded by taller vegetation, such as creeks, rivers, rapids, small waterfalls, under difficult to reach abandoned trestles, ect.. that have large areas, however still emphasizing safety (for the environment) and stability (safety for the solo itself). While I know there is always the option to fly in manual worst case scenario, however having an increase in stability on the sensor end would be a lot more beneficial incase of momentary gps loss...

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    Finally got my refund from Paypal in my favor. DSLRPros was nothing but uncooperative in giving a refund after having my item for FIVE WEEKS. I'm thankful Paypal was able to very quickly see through the BS. I'd advise anyone that isn't getting a refund in a timely manner from DLSRPros to open up a dispute and if you are shipping something back to DSLRPros, to get signature confirmation (required by paypal).

  • The only thing that I have been able to do with the Solo/GoPro combination is to start and stop the recording on the GoPro, remotely (haven't tried any other implied features (changing recording formats, fps or taking photos while shooting video).  I never have been able to record video directly on my Android Device.

  • Everyone is waiting for the gopro controls update which should be out soon. You have to stop recording before powering off solo since the new feature to also turn off the camera was implemented which is nice. That's not solos fault.
  • Yikes. I haven't updated any software yet so not experiencing THESE problems...This sounds pretty bad Mike (Boland). Anyone else having these issues?

  • Does anyone know when we might get the GoPro control that was advertised?

    I am not even getting responses from 3DR now, they have just gone dark on the issue.

    With the latest update of GoPro firmware and Solo software/firmware I now can get the GoPro to start recording but have now found if I turn off the Solo the GoPro trashes the currently recording file on it's card as the Solo turns it off.

    My iOS devices won't record footage anymore as they would with the earlier software. 

    This is starting to get really frustrating.

    I still love you 3DR but please keep us in the loop about your software development and troubles. We WILL understand.

  • Short Answer: Yes

    Long Answer:  Originally placed order for Solo and Gimbal with DSLRPros during the free battery give away period (7/15/15).  Finally Cancelled the order (per directions) on 9/28/15 and ordered directly with 3DR (on 9/28/15).  Solo Received 10/6/15.  Gimbal received 10/13/15.  Battery not yet received.

This reply was deleted.

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Solo spare propellers no where to buy!

Hi all, What is the situation with 3DR Solo drone spare parts? I am in the UK and can not find propellers to buy anywhere. There are plenty of drones available (super discounted) but none of the shops have props in stock. Can anyone advise where I should order them from? ThanksMantas

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