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    @James.  Not having a go at you.  I saw you post recommending Ascot Waters, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I think Ascot Waters isn't a great spot for FPV or even flying normal R/C.

    Baywater looks like its on the edge of 3NM, and it is not on an approach or departure path from what I can see, so that'd probably be ok.

    But Ascot Waters looks to me like its within 3NM according to the VTC for Perth.  And if you're flying FPV, you might end up getting closer to the airport than you really want to.  

    Remember, that should something go wrong, CASA will just point out CASR101 in that model aircraft are prohibited  3NM from an aerodrome, unless CASA gives the OK, so Perth airport don't really have the authority to give you the go ahead.

  • @Hai,
    When flying at Bayswater, we checked with Perth airport and were told it was ok to fly there. Only the dog walkers didn't like us, so we moved on. As far as I can tell from google maps, Ascot is further away from the airport.

    We have never seen any planes fly anywhere near us, especially with the orientation of the main runways.

    A police chopper did buzz us once, but moved on. We landed as soon as he approached.

    However, if you think we are too close, I'm happy to find an alternative venue.
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    @James masterman Ascot waters is NOT a good place to fly.  It looks like its within 3NM of Perth CTA.  

  • @ Brett. Tidewater way off Grandstand rd will get you there. It's very close to the Ascot Race Course.

  • @John centenary ave reserve is great though a little hard to predict the winds coming up the river

    @james: Can you a road to go down for ascot waters pls. I am confused.

  • Hi John,


    Ascot waters is a good place to fly. The ranger has never given us any trouble. There are very few people there and it is away from houses, as well as having a large grassed area for landing. Grass can get a little long for rolling takeoffs.


    We used to fly at Riverside gardens in Bayswater, but dog walkers started to complain so we got kicked out by the rangers.


    Port Kennedy sounds good, I'll have to give it a try sometime.

  • Hi James and Brett. Great to hear from you both. How is Centenary Park Brett? It's just round the corner from me and i've often thought of going for a fly there. As for other places to fly... The beach at the end of Port Kennedy Drive is beautiful at day break. How is the Island at Ascot Waters do you have any problems with rangers there?

  • Hi All,


    I'm James and live in Bayswater. I got into UAV's last years by chance as I came across Diy drones. I mainly fly with a bunch of R/C (but not UAV) guys on the island at Ascot Waters on Sat/Sun mornings.

    I'm mostly into fixed wing and have built a surveying UAV from an ST Discovery as well as an FPV one from a Bixler, which is my current favourite. I mostly use APM for hands off autonomous FPV flights around the river.


    I'm always looking for more interesting FPV locations to fly like the beach or hills. Let me know if you have any good locations where the rangers won't move you on!

    I'm a developer and have made a few minor additions to the MinimOSD for my own benefit, although am not on the official developer team.




  • Hi John and co,

    I've been flying a couple of years and started with small foamies and then Power's slow flyers designed for video. Main interests: soaring, floaters and aerial photography particularly of nature.

    now trying to move from plane UAVs to quadcopter but having some difficulties.

    From Forrestfield so I fly near here or Canning River - Centenary Park, Wilson and other spots. Also fly further afield and even the bush when I can.

    Would anybody be able to help me with Mission Planner comms to APM2 board? I've hit a hump that is troubling me. I've got considerable IT experience but this prob is a B. Could just be a faulty dataflash card or PC security jamming actions, Love to hear your thoughts 9453 3580

    problem described at http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/no-bars-to-calibrate-radio-signal...



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Hi AllPurchased a FlyPro X600 and I am trying to sort out what would be the most suitable camera to use for FPV and some video/stills photography.  The supplier has wired it up for a GoPro 3.  That model is a little out of date but a good camera to start with although if I am going to purchase a camera I would like to only spend on a one of that last for sometime.  I have had a look at the specs for the for what I will be flying it for Sony FDR-X1000V.  The software has stabilisation and some…

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UAV Long Range Video

I don't know if you have all seen the write up by CanberraUAV however Andrew replied to a question with this:"Comment by Andrew Tridgell 11 hours ago@Stephen,We ran the Ubiquity radios in normal AirMax mode. We used it to send UDP packets encapsulating a protocol we invented for the event that we call block_xmit. That is a reliable block sending protocol that is particularly good in high packet loss environments. We got about 25% packet loss during the flight, so sending images and data using…

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APM2 board: not able to get past radio calibration step. please help.

Would anybody be able to help me with Mission Planner comms to APM2 board? I've hit a hump that is troubling me. I'm not able to get past radio calibration step on new board and gear (Turnigy 9ch). I've got considerable IT experience and some APM1 successes but this prob is a B. Could just be a faulty dataflash card or PC security jamming actions, Be great to hear your thoughts 9453 3580problem described at http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/no-bars-to-calibrate-radio-signal...CheersBrett

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