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  • It's just like a computer game... except it's real and there is no "reset" button if you stuff up.

    The live video feed still gives you the feel of flying the aircraft... but it's more for the purpose of operating in a real "search and rescue" style environment rather than an immersive fpv experience. I find it easier to concentrate when inside the van and can perform various tests in a more timely fashion.

    FPV is heaps of fun, but i'm still finding goggles really hard to get used to.. it seriously messes with my brain as i'm not using a head tracker and I keep turning my head, while the picture stays still... I must look rediculous to a bystander.

  • I also had a little fly on the weekend. I'm building a 2m fpv raptor which i maidened on the weekend. Flies well although not as good on the battery as i had hoped. Lots of issues still to sort out, but I am pleased with it so far. I had a bixler before, but this is so much more robust, faster and capable of lifting heavy loads.

    As with many others, a very busy work life and 2 kids under the age of 5 means getting more than a couple of hours to fly is hard.

    I would like to fly down at safety bay,I'll just need to find the time!

    Looks like an awesome ground control setup you have, although it does make you start to wonder where the line between computer game and flying is!
  • Unfortunately I'm out on an oil rig...otherwise, i too would be getting some flying hours in. :0)

    If you become a member of the club that flies at the salt lake, you get given a key which allows ou to drive out ito the lake. (during dry parts of the year)

    I have just finished my condor skywalker and need to give it a maiden so that's job #1 when I get back.  

    My mate Jaron has a Mercedes Vito decked out as a ground control station complete with chairs, huge touch screen and joystick control. Awesome fun and completely dark. Similar to yourself, we keep one guy outside as a spotter with the RC gear and the other guy flies inside with 2 screens. We've done quite a few laps of the salt lake and flying via they joystick is a piece of cake, especially when you use FBWA. We've even landed using the joystick!





    Next project on my to-do list is the best groud station ever... I have scored myself a 15 foot caravan.. It's a bit old.. but perfect for UAV testing as I can disappear into the outback without the fear of pi**ing people off, or getting complaints. I plan to do it properly with a 2 seat style console.. based around good old Ardupilot Mission Planner so any of you WA boys can just plug in your 3DR or Xbee and have a go. Having a nice dark noise free envoronment makes all the difference!

    JB, We'll have to get something sorted soon. I think it's just a case of everyone being so busy these days... I know in my case I rarely plan a day's flying. I just go when I realise I suddenly have a few hours free... Getting a meeting organised is still a good idea though, we just need to get away from suburbia.... trust me on that one.

  • Hey Guys what's up? ;)

    Another successful weekend of flying. I received my 3DR radios on Wednesday (only left the USA on Friday!) so I spent a few hours this weekend flying with the PC, while my son was on the RC Tx as "Spotter/Co-Pilot"(!), I got it to follow some pre-programmed tracks, fly direct to waypoint etc, I even had MP crash on me, successfully restarted it and re-connected, with no probs at all while it was still flying on auto. 

    I must say I was very impressed with APM's stability in auto/stabilisation mode, today we had about 25-35kmh wind on the coast, but it really wasn't an issue with the stability mode ON in the Bixler. Flying across and down wind was fine, but then into the wind you could nearly get it to stay stationary, and then just let go of the controls and have a cuppa while it just stayed in the same spot! In the meantime friends of ours who were also flying had their hands full trying to cope with the buffeting wind! Overall it was very confidence inspiring. It takes some getting used to letting it fly "by itself" though.

    So what's up with this thread/forum, it's a bit sporadic and unpopular by the looks, am I the only one In WA that posts here or what? ;) Well I'll be around if anyone needs a hand, or wants to meet up. BTW I checked out Safety Bay lakes, the local Rocky club flies there on the weekends, and there's quite a bit of space. The landing surface is hard though and rough in some places, so extra tape, or some wheels on the planes is recommended. Overall a decent place to fly with easy access, but you have to leave your car at the gate and walk about 200m, so a couple trips to the car might be necessary for those that take a load of gear with (ie me!). It can get pretty windy there as well, so one must keep an I on the weather before making plans.

    Well if anyone's up for a meet let me know. I'll check in here every few days anyway...

  • Hey there

    How is everyone? Did I scare everyone away?? I had an awesome whole weekend of RC! Built a couple of planes, maidened them...installed some LEDs...done some night flying! It is a real thrill to fly with just a few blinking lights!! Nearly crashed the new Bixler after a few unintentional loops and spirals in the dark! Got my heart pumping though, dashing after the darn thing across the paddock to get it in a better view! Blink blink here...blink blink there...blink blink where??!! lol :)

    Anyways, who is up for a Saturday or Sunday session next weekend if the weather is good? The weather was great this weekend, not a gust of wind. Now if only those 3dr radios would finally get here!

    Has anybody here ever tried to TCP-IP into the APM2? I am looking at a TP-Link WR703 3G Router running OpenWRT and a TTL converter to emulate the serial port, and then running DynDNS over a 3/4G USB modem on the USB port. The router can be had for <$25, OpenWRT is free with DynDNS, measures only 50mm x50mm and it can even run some IP cameras amongst other things. Anyone here tried something like this before?

  • Hey Guys

    I would be willing to go to the Safety Bay lakes on Sat or Sundays, it is about 45min from here, and has good fwy access from both north and south. Might be a good place to start. I'd rather be doing it more local, for just a day or so, but do it more often. That gives everyone a chance to go home and repair/modify their gear before the next round.

    We can then maybe do a weekend afterwards in the summer months, in the holidays when the kids can tag along. This Saturday might be ok weather wise, maybe if everyone just checks back here on the forum on a Thursday or Friday evening, then we can to commit to a meet "on-the-fly" so to speak, for this or any following weekend?

    In regards to Safety Bay Lake (Lake Walyungup) I was wondering if anyone knew about access, I saw on one site that you can only get in in the summer. Anyone know if this is true, or do we have to look for another venue?

  • Dryandra would be great (been camping there before I was into UAV's), but is probably a weekend trip. Maybe just a day to start with, as Hai suggested. November should avoid rain, but can be windy.

    We could just pick a day closer to the time, when the weather forecast looks good, although we could pick the venue now. Somewhere within one or two hours drive of Perth? Maybe the safety bay salt flats mentioned here?

  • Moderator

    @James I reakon a weekend away would be good, but I don't think the wife is going to give me a leave pass for that long.  A day trip would be more riskier failure due to rain.  I think if we organise something  for Nov I think we might have a good chance of picking a Sat or Sun without rain?

  • how about Dryandra? big field then forest with huts available.

  • Sounds like a good suggestion Hai. Are you talking about a weekend away or just a day trip? Anyone have a friend with a property in the swan valley or york or somewhere to the east? It would be good to go somewhere where we don't have to worry about commercial airspace etc and could do long range flights.

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Hi AllPurchased a FlyPro X600 and I am trying to sort out what would be the most suitable camera to use for FPV and some video/stills photography.  The supplier has wired it up for a GoPro 3.  That model is a little out of date but a good camera to start with although if I am going to purchase a camera I would like to only spend on a one of that last for sometime.  I have had a look at the specs for the for what I will be flying it for Sony FDR-X1000V.  The software has stabilisation and some…

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UAV Long Range Video

I don't know if you have all seen the write up by CanberraUAV however Andrew replied to a question with this:"Comment by Andrew Tridgell 11 hours ago@Stephen,We ran the Ubiquity radios in normal AirMax mode. We used it to send UDP packets encapsulating a protocol we invented for the event that we call block_xmit. That is a reliable block sending protocol that is particularly good in high packet loss environments. We got about 25% packet loss during the flight, so sending images and data using…

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APM2 board: not able to get past radio calibration step. please help.

Would anybody be able to help me with Mission Planner comms to APM2 board? I've hit a hump that is troubling me. I'm not able to get past radio calibration step on new board and gear (Turnigy 9ch). I've got considerable IT experience and some APM1 successes but this prob is a B. Could just be a faulty dataflash card or PC security jamming actions, Be great to hear your thoughts 9453 3580problem described at http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/no-bars-to-calibrate-radio-signal...CheersBrett

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