Possible Composite X8

Hey guys! (and girls) I noticed a lot of people do love their X8 but they are pimping them quite a lot... Most of the time going above the max weight of the aircraft or going faster creating flutter. A composite airframe would help a lot in stiffening the desing and pushing the enveloppe.  

If I was to produce a composite airframe from an X8 completly in fiberglass, would there be interest from members in this forum? I do not know how much it would cost so far. Just a ''yeah I would like one"" Just click the Like button.

thanks for your replies! I will look into it shortly.

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    • These and other CAD files are available, but only to interns with Kashmir World Foundation. You can apply at http://www.kashmirworldfoundation.org/#!interns/cv4i

      and also send a note to Princess Aliyah via Aliyah@kashmirworldfoundation.org 

      We had to restrict access to the files because the highly integrated aerostructures contain voids for sensors and other special devices used to engage wildlife poachers -- information we do not want accessible by the poachers.

  • I'd be very interested Michael.

  • I would like one!

  • I have much interest.

  • ''yeah I would like one" :)
  • I strongly disagree with the issues you guys are raising about weight. If you build it right it can be very strong and still quite light. I fly fully moulded gliders and they are bullet proof compared to what is required for a X8 

    I Like the idea and have considered it myself, I will get around to it at some stage but for now have too many other projects on the go.

    Good luck and I'll be keeping an eye on this thread!

    oh if you want to stop the flutter, burry a carbon arrow shaft into the aileron to stiffen it up torsionally...

  • YES!

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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • There are several composite blended wings available including fiberglass and carbon fiber.  One is now in service in Africa supporting counter poaching missions.  Optimized composite blended wings have a somewhat different shape as compared with an X-8 because they achieve stiffening through a different process.  There also are a few 3-D printed blended wings that look nearly identical to an X-8. For a hobbyist, I would recommend the 3-D printing approach rather than fiberglass or carbon fiber layout.  If you design a good aircraft (Blender, Solid Works, etc.), I would be glad to assist in printing with aircraft grade glass filled nylon or carbon filled nylon.  Better yet, form a team and participate in the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge.

  • I could be interested!

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