X8 motor choices

I'm looking to run a 6S pack with as big a prop as possible on an X8. 16 inch would be ideal so that means a Kv of around 300-350 but I also am looking for something relatively lightweight i.e. 170-250 grams. Can be geared too.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I found a motor very close to my requirements: T-Motor MT3520-11 400Kv, 204g, does 700W with a 17" prop on 6S ( They also have a 300Kv model for even bigger props!

  • I was amazed at the difference between the APC and stock prop on my radjet.  It drew about 20% less power and didn't almost hit the ground every takeoff.  I could probably go up a prop size just on the efficiency increase which would give it better climbout.  I would not be surprised if you could cut a few amps off the cruise.  I think you are going to be replacing a lot of motor mounts and prop adapters though if that blade catchs the ground square.

  • Right now we're using:

    OS OMA-3825-750 on all of our X8's. 750 kv

    APC 12x8 fixed electric prop (never breaks on landing, folding props drew 40% more current in a cruise)

    Thunderpower 25C 5400 4cell (x2)

    Our wings are heavy. about 9lbs or 4kg, they have 3 power systems, 1watt fpv, Canon EOS M with roll stabilized mount.

    We cruise at 15 m/s at an average current draw of 8 amps. Full throttle seems to give unlimited vertical, only use that right off the launcher.

    We usually fly for about 1 hour and land with 20% or more reserve batt. 

  • I ran a hacker A40 on 2 4s 5000 packs and a 13x8 prop for a couple minutes shy of 2hrs at 1000agl (DA around 3k) just doing an orbit.... It was boring haha but cool to see it fly that long.  Also drawing off the pack besides an APM2.5 was a 800mw Vtx and RFD900.  

    Edit: one thing to look for since amp draw is relatively low even at max is the lightest batteries possible given the voltage and capacity you are looking for.  The nanotechs are great but the C rating is way over kill and higher C rated batteries tend to be heavier. 5C would have been sufficient for my setup.

  • Maybe you could take a look at the Tiger MT3515-15 400KV, 188gr, 3s to 8s.

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    We've been getting about 40A in a brisk climb and about 8-10A in level flight. That's on a Hacker A40 with 14x7 on 4S 5000mAh.

    Have been thinking about trying one of the new pancake multicopter motors (~360Kv) but they can't take much current so full power climb outs (which chew mAh anyway) must be avoided.

  • just curious... what is driving the goal for 6s and 16" prop? I'm newer to electric so just trying to understand the drive.  i'm flying an X8 with the Hyperion HS3026 1210kv and 90A Atlas ESC and experimenting with 12x7, 11x7 and soon down to 10.5x6.  

  • I'm using THIS engine on a 4s battery. 14x9.5 prop and lots of power. Nice takeoff and low amp usage.


    There isn't a whole lot of people running 6S on the X8.  I'm using a 13X8 on a 480KV motor, so 350 KV sounds about right for a larger prop.  How many amps are you looking at drawing?

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