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Three Part 2M Flying Wing


Two wings are ready for flying with APM 2.5. Below, some more pictures with different views:

Three Part 2M Flying Wing easy to assemble fins are also removable:



Top View with folding propeller and motor installed  


Bottom View Bottom pod is composite


Composite Canopy



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RC transmitter joystick conversion

3689434797?profile=originalI have converted RC transmitter into joy stick using 10$ game controller and checked it with quad it fly's quad good . problem with original game controller was throttle control . Also added 6 position switch for mode control but the switch modes give some error  only stabilize and auto mode don't give error.

Attach please find few photos of conversion.3689434855?profile=original3689434922?profile=original

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Modified HK FPV platform


I made following modifications

wing span increased to 74 in

root cord 12inch

Tip cord 9inch

Tested with 2x8000mah Tenergy pack

got 1hr endurance

Di-hedral 4inch from wing tip 

IT is very hard to turn from aileron will reduce the di-hedral to 2inch

Prop apc 1407E will test 1412E

Takeoff weight was 4000grams



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The Fastest Drone I did


Project date 2002-2006 Completed

Wing Span 12ft

Weight 60-80kg

Engines tested were : 342cc boxer, 500cc boxer, 298cc Wankel Rotary

Max speed achieved was 400kph level flight with 298cc Wankel rotary engine

Launcher also took lot of time to develop

Landing bally or parachute

Autopilot  did with electro-mechanical gyro with gps and pressure sensor. 

Above photo is of final version and videos are from early testing / developing versions.



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