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Dual GPS - How to tell if working?

I have 2 GPS connected and I know it is supposed to switch once one GPS has 2 more sats, but when connected to MP the # of sats on the bottom left remains on the first GPS no matter which one has more sats.

Anyway to see if  Arduplane is in fact using

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Cheap Sonar - Adding Support


I wanted to add sonar to my arducopter / arduplane and I am wondering what is the limitation in which why can't use the HC-SR04, its a cheap sonar that costs <$5.

Is this a software limitation or a hardware?

I would just love to know! Please enlight

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SOS Disaster!

Was flying my quad, it was quite stable and was working great. Then I took it out today and flew good for 5 or so minutes until it started jerking around. At some points I lost control completely and even had my throttle at 0 with no response.

I attac

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APM Mission Planner Issue Report

APM Mission Planner 1.3, affecting Arducopter 3.1.3

Problem - Defaults to send 1100 pwm to motors, causes certain ESC's to spin. (qbrain 25a is what i am using) Flashed and reset multiple times still was sending 1100pwm tried using APM Planner, it set

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Super Weird Issue! Un flyable Quad

Not even sure how I am going to describe this one!

 Its a repeatable problem and it all started when I was flying my quad in the air and all the sudden flip fall boom! Thought I had a battery or "brown out" but I checked the batteries and they still h

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Autotune Issue - Causes Crash

I used auto tune late last night as there was no wind outside, went well. I didn't "test out" the new PIDS I just hit save and tried them out, well it was a disaster! The copter just did dips in each leg and kept getting more violent each time until

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