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No compas data in GPX files

I have no compass data when I create GPX files from TLogs. In another thread someone said that you must have teh compass option on to create GPS files containing compas data but no details are given.  Any suggestions?


Bret C 

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No data from mag (according to the graph)


Yesterday in a series of test flights, my airplane with a 2.5 APM struggled to find way points and at some times even the direction to go.  In effort to diagnose the problems I notices there was no mag data on the graph.  Am I looking this corr

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Loading Parameters in Mission Planner

Group: I am bench testing an APM in an effort to become familiar with it.  I am struggling with loading parameters and then writing them to the APM.

When I LOAD parameters, what should I see?  I am testing by using downloaded file from adrupilot-mega

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