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Where's the gas pedal?

Sorry, I search posts and I searched the mission planner.


Where do I set the air speed between way points?  My plane runs a hair above stall speed.  It putts through the air.  Flys good, does the way points good, altitudes good.


I just need more spee

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Understanding altitude

This weekend I was flying in an area where ground level was 99 meters.


I have the "absolute alt" box unchecked.  I verified that multiple times.


When I read the waypoints from the APM to set my home position, I could not get my home altitude to be 0

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Future of the Mission Planner


I was wondering if there is a Mission Planner working group -- or is anyone managing the future of the mission planner?


Personally I'm interested in antenna tracking and possibly more voice commands.


Regarding antenna tracking -- is that feature in

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IMU Test Gyro won't init

I just rebuilt after a hard carsh.


I couldn't get the motors to arm.  So running tests I got to the IMU Test.


The Gyro Init won't stop trying.


Do I need a new IMU?


test] imu



Gyro offsets: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00


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Manual specific to ardu frame?


I always thought the front was the side of the boards were the GPS connector is.

I'm not using that.  I'm actually using Rusty's frame.


The pics in the manual show that the board is actually at a 45 degree angle when using the X frame.


Here is the pi

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Fitting it all in

The hard part is fitting the APM, XBee, GPS, Remzibi, Video transmitter and camera into some of these planes.  Especially the foam planes which have even less room.


What kind of ideas have you all come up with?

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One stop shop for defines


Is there one place all the defines are listed with options, or is reading through the multiple config files the best way?


Is there a discussion thread for the libraries?  I'm mostly interested in when they're going to be changed.



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