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There is a house hearing UAS integration occuring today at 2:30pm EST. It will be available live at this link:


Typically, CSPAN has the video available for playback shortly after the event concludes.

Of note, Colin Guinn of 3DR is testifying, among others.

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The FAA has issued 5 additional exemptions for UAS use in the US NAS. You can find these exemptions here:

For Woolpert, Inc.:

Exemption 1

Exemption 2

For Video Global:


For Trimble:


For Clayco:


House Hearing

Also of note, the House Subcommittee on Aviation held a hearing this morning regarding the status of UAS integration this morning. There is a lot of interesting dialog, and I suggest reviewing the archive here:

House Hearing


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Google today revealed it has been working on a top-secret drone delivery program for the last two years. Nick Roy, an MIT roboticist on sabbatical for two years, has been leading the project based in Australia.

Google has developed a tail sitter aircraft, capable of VTOL transitioning to forward flight.



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AP: Three lawsuits have been filed today challenging the FAA interpretation that effectively blocks commercial UAV operators as well as FPV flyers of any kind.

The lawsuits were filed by the AMA, the COGR and various commercial operators groups.

It has been widely reported that the interpretation had to be challenged in court within 60 days of its issuance, which would have been August 25th.

This is great news for commercial operators and hobbyists alike who operate in the USA. Rather than be subjected to blanket bans on operation, interest groups will have an opportunity to argue for their operating rights in court.

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Attorney Peter Sachs (www.dronelawjournal.com) has started a fundraising campaign for legal funds to challenge the FAA's interpretive rules for commercial use of UAVs. Peter has already collected a couple thousand dollars on his website (http://dronepilotsassociation.com/), but we need more momentum to get this going. As such, an Indiegogo campaign was started today to help this get more visibility and, hopefully, more traction.

The Indiegogo campaign is here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/operation-drone-freedom-liberate-our-skies

As many of you know, the current FAA interpretive ruling effectively blocks ANY commercial use of UAVs, and a very good portion of us have a financial interest in making sure this doesn't happen.

We only have until August 25 to legally challenge the interpretation, so time is of the essence. From Peter's site:

Time is running out to legally challenge the FAA's June 25, 2014 Interpretation of the Special Rule for Model AircraftIf not successfully challenged before August 25, 2014, drone pilots will be barred from operating commercially, barred from flying in "first person view," barred from operating within 5 miles of any airport without prior permission and will suddenly be subject to all Federal Aviation Regulations. 

Disclaimer: I have no personal stake in this, just one of the many concerned people with a lot to lose under a commercial ban. Peter also has stated that he WILL NOT be the lawyer to represent the donors, rather will hire counsel to do so. Peter has answered most of the common questions here: http://dronepilotsassociation.com/donate-to-legal-fund/

Would really like to see this succeed, and I hope all the others affected by this will contribute as well. I would encourage everyone affected to spread this through your social channels, and maybe use the #dronefreedom tag to get this going.

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