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Waypoints & Ch7/8

So I was just messing around with the APM:rover on a small buggy, and I was having quite a lot of fun using the set waypoints on the fly feature.

I'd really like to do this on my quad as well. I've got Ch7 and Ch8 working on my TX and they're going ov

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"Bodgy" Turnigy 9X Failsafe?

So I've read around that there's no failsafe on the stock Turnigy 9xV2 system, which seems pretty damn stupid to me.

However, I've noticed that if you actually trim the throttle up, you could set it (through calibration in Arducopter) that your min th

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Error codes?

So I was flying in loiter, when suddenly my front left motor arm just rapidly dipped, and recovered about half a second later. I quickly put it into stabilize and brought it back safely.

However now just looking at the logs, I don't really see anythin

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"Sky Writing" with multirotors?

Given that nearly everyone has LEDs installed on their multirotors for orientation, I thought, why not try doing a long exposure and flying it around?

I have 4 sets of LED's installed on my quad, but the front and back 2 are linked. They are connected

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Which PID Parameter?

So I'm working on tweaking up my copter a bit to get it nice and dialed in. I've got basically everything where I think it should be, although I still have a bit of an issue with the yaw. 

It seems that when I command the copter to yaw in one directio

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Interesting "issue" in loiter?

Amused by the fact copters can fly themselves, occasionally I've found myself putting it into loiter, and manually budging the copter around by hand just to see how responsive it actually is. In general it seems quite good, however I feel yaw is a li

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PID tuning to fight wind?

Hi all, I've had my 3DR quad for a while now and amazingly, despite my ~5x5m flying area, have avoided crashing it!

However one thing I've noticed is that the copter does seem a little unstable, even in a light breeze. I also seem to have a "mushy" ya

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Ultrasonic sensor issues

Hi all, I've installed my ultrasonic sensor today, the recommended MB1240. I've mounted it on the little protruding tab on the 3dr quad kit, which seems like it's designed for the sensor (square cutout for the inductor n all)


Tried it out and the sen

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First multirotor! Need a few tips :)

Hi all, glad to be on this forum :)

I've decided to give my first multirotor a go, a small X frame quad using the X230 combo from Hobbyking:


I have (I think) set it all up correctly, motors and props spinning the right way, done the ESC, magnetometer a

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