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Ft Lauderdale, FL

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David Karim posted a discussion
Recently I noticed that a couple of my motors look like they have slightly bent axles. I noticed this when I was at minimal throttle with the props. Looking straight down on the spinners, the two rear ones (x configuration) looked a little wobbly.…
Jan 23, 2012
David Karim replied to Gunnar Forsgren mobimation.com's discussion Propeller install notes
"I had a crash yesterday from a propeller coming lose mid-flight and I was hoping someone here could help me with some tips to avoid another scenario like this. Luckily I was over grass so I only lost a couple of props. I have a 3DR frame with the…"
Jan 16, 2012
David Karim replied to Kristian's discussion Need more throttle/thrust!
"So I never figured out a parameter that helps increase thrust. Maybe there isn't one. But I did figure out my problem. I had at least one weak propeller. I switched out a couple of the regular 10X45 propellers and all of a sudden I am taking off at…"
Dec 18, 2011
David Karim replied to Pat's discussion Arducopter 3DR build documentation problems
"I agree with everything you pu there (I just finished my 3dr; and my biggest issue was with where to connect the ESCs to the PDB). I thought it was correct especially since I ran the motors command on the CLI a bunch of times and every time it ran…"
Dec 11, 2011
David Karim replied to Kristian's discussion Need more throttle/thrust!
"Kristian, did you ever find out what the TRIM_THROTTLE is for? I am having lift issues on my new copter also. I have a standard 3DR frame with the 850 kV motors and 3S Lipos and it gets to a point (at full throttle) where it just barely wants to…"
Dec 10, 2011
David Karim commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post ArduIMU V3 ready for pre-order and check our new color!
"I'm a newbie and I have been eyeballing the 3DR quad kit with electronics. Is there a plan to change this kit to include this new IMU?"
Nov 15, 2011