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Don Megabyte posted a discussion
I posted this initially in the OSD forum, but since I believe this to be specific to ArduCopter v2.6 and the Mavlink 1.0 firmware for MinimOSD I think this might be a better place to get feedback.Here's the deal:GoProMinimOSD…
Jul 2, 2012
Don Megabyte posted a discussion
Here's what I'm running:GoProMinimOSD w/ ArduCAMOSD_19_MAV10.hexAPM2 w/ 2.6It _sort of_ works...in that it works fine, but in areas where there is NO overlay activity, there are garbage characters overlaid.When I power up the OSD, at first I get a…
Jun 26, 2012
Don Megabyte replied to Graham's discussion APM Orientation for Traditional Heli
"Yes, great stuff!  Just made this mod to mount an apm1 under my 3DR frame.  Works tremendously. :)  The filename has changed but grepping on GYROY etc will turn it up."
Jun 6, 2012