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Veterinary nurse, glass and metal artist, and general tinkerer.

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Don Morrison replied to Peter Camaj's discussion How record servo postions APM?
"If you open up the log file in the "Telemetry Logs" tab in "Flight Data" click on Tlog> Kml or Graph it will open a window where you can select parameters to graph. There's both RC channels and Servo output that you can graph. Should give you what…"
Aug 29, 2013
Don Morrison replied to Dr.thae maung maung's discussion cannot load ArduPlane V2.74 to APM 2.5
"I think what's most likely is that your libraries aren't in the right place in your Arduino directory. I'm too tired at the moment to get into specifics, but you might want to look up "Libraries" at arduino.cc to make sure they're where they need to…"
Aug 17, 2013
Don Morrison replied to Gabby Lang's discussion Neo-6m GPS no signal.
"I have a NEO-6M running on a CRIUS AIOP. Something is weird where the GPS seems to keep the whole system from booting up. if I unplug the GPS it will boot up fine. Maybe there's still a loose or intermittent connection, but I have my suspicions…"
Jul 11, 2013
Don Morrison replied to Devin Braatz's discussion DM X serial to PPM
"I'm fairly new to this and I haven't gotten HIL up and running yet, but as I understand it you would transmit as normal from your DX6i to a Spektrum receiver. The receiver would be connected to "Inputs" on the APM 2.5 board as you would for actually…"
Jul 5, 2013
Don Morrison replied to steve's discussion Recommendation for video device for HUD
"I'm using the STK1160 Grabber from Syntec, which was about $15 from Tiger Direct. It works great in every video capture application I have installed . . . except for Mission Planner, which only lets it run at 5fps, which is completely unflyable. In…"
May 4, 2013
Don Morrison replied to john koukouzis's discussion Unbreakable Propellers
"I used some electrical tape to attach a wooden dowel to the end of each arm so that they extend a little past the props. That way when you tilt a prop  into the ground, the dowel takes the hit and either bounces it back to upright or breaks before…"
Apr 13, 2013
Don Morrison commented on M.S. IBN SEDDIK's blog post Today I tried my quadcopter, but I didn't like it...
"What board are you using? I see a GPS module. Maybe get rid of the bells and whistles and start  out more basic. Is it possible you have one of your switches set to something like altitude hold and it decided to fly there for you? Strip it down do…"
Mar 30, 2013
Don Morrison replied to James Hicks's discussion Difficulty finding a few answers...
"If you're just starting out with flying, I would recommend starting with that. A Bixler would be a good plane to learn on. I started with a Dynam Hawk Sky, which is similar. I like having the ailerons (and ability to use them as flaps and spoilers…"
Mar 22, 2013