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OpenLRSng - Entering CLI

Hi guys

Really battling here.... Got an OrangeRx OpenLRS Rx and TX... flashed with OpenLRSng (Gitsly branch). Configurator not working for this branch.

I need help connecting via the CLI.

I connect to the Tx using the FTDI cable. On startup I get "OpenL

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Pi for recovering lost model...

I post this suggestion here as this group is perfectly poised to take this up if not already implemeted somewhere:

Many here use Raspberry Pi + 3/4G to achieve long distance telemetry +- FPV. These same members are the ones most likely to loose their

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Telemetry over ethernet

Dearest fellows!

Considering the teritary goal of this group:

              >>>"Tertiary goal: High speed IP for streaming IP video over cellular 3G/4G"

The obvious solution is a device that has features an LTE modem and has both serial (RS232) and Ethe

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Flight with Telemetry Only

Hi there guys...

I have run into a stituation which calls for operation of a multicopter with no long-distance radio transmission at all!

No FPV no RC control.

I seek to use a short range bluetooth telemetry to arm the muticopter and have it complete it

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