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Yaw, CompassMot question

Does compassmot afect the way a quadcopter lock yaw in stabilize? thanks in advance.

you can see if you watch this video closely what i'm talking about, the yaw doesnt lock very well and its a very calm day



can you help me understand this telemetry gr

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2.9.1 Quadcopter vibrations help!?

I'm having vibartion problems and i'm going to try to describe this to my best extent. I'm really out of ideias and cant eliminate the vibrations. I'm running 2.9.1 but i would really like to try 3.0 sucessfully( i had vibs.. wasnt successfull).

My se

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Need some advice


I'm not really a begginer but this is my first big quad and i need some advice.

My setup is:

-Tarot fy650 frame

-hobbyking blue esc 40amp

-multistar 390kv

-4s 4ah battery

-15x4.5 wooden props

-APM 2.5

-Weights 1.8kg

Does anyone has a similiar setup that c

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[Problem with back left motor/ESC]

EDIT:discovered the problem, timming issue with simonk firmware, im using and older release

So i was ready to buckle up the go pro for a test flight and this started to happen(notice the hissing sound and what happens when i bank left). I already trie

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Need quick help on PID!

Hi all this is my first entry on DIY!

This site has helped me a lot, and i hope to give my contribution someday

So here's my problem:

The picture is my current PID configs. 
The copter hovers stable although when the wind comes he takes a big punch. Shou

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