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New Airspeed Sensor

The one piece of hardware that I have more trouble with than anything else, besides possibly the internal compass, is the Airspeed sensor.

Trying to find a good location for it that is not easy to damage is nearly impossible. After looking at the new

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Pixhawk internal compass issues

I am having a strange issue. The Internal compass on the pixhawk when I do the compass calibration does not move much. The first screen which is the external compass spins as expected and gives me proper offset values, however, the second screen (int

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Arduplane 3.4 Beta testing

I don't see any thread started for 3.4 beta testing so hopefully some users can post their experiences here. I have not got a chance to test it yet, but, am looking forward to hearing the reports of initial testers.

Here's the note/changes from Tridge

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Another strange occurrence

I just set up a new plane but am using parameters from the same exact airframe that I was using before and am having a very strange issue.I am starting to get pretty good at reviewing these logs, but, am at a loss for this one.If you look, as soon as

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Alternative to 3DR Pixhawk

I have been using a couple 3DR Pixhawks in my projects and they have been great, however, the customer service and shipping speed from 3DR has been sub-optimal with one unit not shipping for over 3 weeks.

I am currently looking for hardware alternativ

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First Mass produced UAV Heli?

Just saw this from Gaui and very excited.

With all the benefits of a Heli over multirotors in large applications (Efficiency, payload capability, safety (ability to auto-rotate), etc.), I think this is a great step forward in finally having a mass pro

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Take off Fail, completely stumped

I have been reviewing this .tlog all morning and am completely stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately it wont let me download the data flash logs off the pixhawk for some reason, I will try pulling the SD Card later and seeing i

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Airspeed sensor extension

Is there any issue with putting the airspeed sensor inside the body of the plane and extended only the front portion of the tube to the outside of the plane?

It would help protect the expensive sensor from damage, but, I am not sure if the static port

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Stabilized roll or not?

I am trying to understand what is the better option for our fixed wing airplane when using pix4d. We have the option to build a roll axis stabilized gimbal or a non stabilized gimbal for our cameras. While the image quality will most likely be better

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