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Questions about X8 wing

I'm writing a proposal for a $2000 summer stipend from my university, for development on an APM UAV.

For the project, I'm looking at the X8 wing. However, I foresee a couple issues:

Most layouts I see have the (3 or 4s) batteries mounted in front, with

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Anyone use QGroundControl?

I can't get qgroundcontrol to connect. I built it from the v1.0 branch and it is getting data but it isn't displaying anything.

Does anyone here use it? I'm trying to ditch mission planner because it's a .net application and it doesn't run properly in

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Is the rudder used for auto T/O?

I'm grepping through the arduplane code, and I don't see anywhere that yaw is used to hold the course on takeoff. It looks like it uses ailerons to try to correct its course on the ground.

Since ailerons apply a yawing force opposite of their intended

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How can I add a parameter?

I'd like to add a parameter to arduplane that I can change during flight. How do I go about doing that?

I don't understand how the Parameters.h file works at all. I guess I don't have a full understanding of the C constructs used in it. Can someone ex

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Long endurance with electric?

What would you guys recommend for a high-endurance electric? Airframe, esc, motor, prop, battery?

I currently have an e-flite apprentice, which gets something like 20 minutes on a battery. I'm looking to move to a different airframe and I'm hoping to

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Implement another FBW mode?

I would like to see an FBW mode with the following characteristics:

Throttle stick: changes throttle directly.

Rudder stick: changes rudder directly like FBW-A, but does not wind up turn coordination integrator (kind of a separate issue)

Aileron stick:

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How do you get these cool maps?

Everyone always seems to be posting these google earth maps with their flight path displayed in 3d.

I managed to get a KMZ file from ardupilot and map it on google earth, but I cannot get it to display in 3d. It just shows a line.

I don't see any docum

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Plane doesn't fly on track

I'm trying to get my plane to fly the centerline of my neighbor's 1200ft (400m) runway.

So far, I've done all I can to tweak crosstrack, nav pid, etc., but it still gets way too far off for me to consider attempting an autonomous landing.

I've been rea

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I feel like a redesign of the code to be more object-oriented would be a good idea.

I've spent a while looking at it, trying to make changes that would make it follow a track better (mainly estimating wind from the difference between the ground speed/

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