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Gimbal Code Questions

Can anyone point me where to dig into the gimbal code?  I am considering building a small gimbal for my FPV quad (see this thread for reference), and would like to use the built in gimbal controls on the APM.  However, the way that this simple gimbal

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Difficulties uploading firmware

I am stumped on this one.  I am trying to upload a custom AP_Motor quad .cpp file for my TBS disco.  The way I am going about doing that is this:

1) Download V2.8.1 from the downloads section

2) Change the .cpp file in my librairies folder

3) Add the 2.

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APM 2 GPS not getting a lock?

I have been sitting here trying to get a lock with my GPS while outside for about 10 mins.  No luck.  I generally get a lock between 30-60s when outside.  My GPS has worked fine previously.

Other than the CLI test (which only works if I have lock anyw

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Compass and Yaw relationship logs

(This is for Adam and Andrew)


APM 2.0, 3DR quad, ~ 1300-1650grams (depending on payload and battery), 750kv motors, 11x4.7 SF props, 3s, v2.5.3

1)  Log file of mag and yaw difference using tlog method of mag calibration

2) tlog file used for calib

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Simple mode issues with v2.5+

I posted this in the v2.5 release thread, but I thought this may get a bit more attention and not detract from that thread.


3DR frame, 750kv motors, APM 2.0,  v2.5.3

Since v2.5 (currently using v2.5.3),  simple mode has just not worked on my quad

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Slow Fly Prop Questions

Hello all,


First off, I just want to introduce myself:  I am a UAV enthusiast, been involved in RC since before I can remember, an aerospace engineer working on UAVs, and just starting my first quad project.  I am guessing that probably describes 50%

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