Glen Allen, VA

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I fly RC Heli's, scuba dive, and have a bunch of other hobbies. I'm an engineering Manager with Cisco Systems

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in building Fixed wing and quad UAV's


Richmond, Va

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Kevin Mahler commented on Timothy Clemans's blog post Drone seized by police at Los Angeles park
"The officers were more than patient with him.  If he had just sad, sorry and walked away he would probably kept his drone and not received a ticket.  "
Aug 21, 2014
Kevin Mahler replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion ArduPlane 2.50 released
"I just finished my Arduplane.  It has an APM1 in a Bixler.  Tonight I was trying to get it set up for a maiden flight tomorrow.  But, I'm seeing some odd behavior.  
With the plane sitting on the floor in my office.  Which is ~ 60ft ASL altitude.…"
Aug 22, 2012
Kevin Mahler replied to Asa B-S's discussion Aerial drone as UHF/VHF repeater and eye in the sky
"If you are good with a cross band repeater, you could just use an HT like a Yaesu VX-8R which also does APRS.  Although, I don't think it does APRS and the repeater function simultaneously.  If you want a single band repeater, I think the duplexer…"
Apr 14, 2012
Kevin Mahler replied to Kevin Mahler's discussion With and OSD do you need a second GPS?
"Nevermind.  I just ran across this http://code.google.com/p/arducam-osd/wiki/Customers_Setup"
Apr 13, 2012
Kevin Mahler posted a discussion
I am building a bixler tricked out with just about everything.  It has an APM 1.0 XBee and Remzibi OSD 3DR.  My question is do I need a second GPS to use with the OSD?  If not, how do I connect everything together?  I can't seem to find any document…
Apr 13, 2012
Kevin Mahler commented on Grips's blog post MinimOSD Setup Video
"I tried it on two different computers, the audio level is way too low.  I would have to hold my hear next to the speaker to hear it.  "
Mar 19, 2012
Kevin Mahler commented on Grips's blog post MinimOSD Setup Video
"Is it just me, the audio seems very low."
Mar 19, 2012
Kevin Mahler posted a discussion
I see a lot of discussions about flight times and how to extend times.  As nice as electric power is, fuel is still king.  The Drones that the military fly, run on fuel and have long flight times.Has anyone tried building an ArduPlane drone that…
Jan 19, 2012
Kevin Mahler commented on Trent at MyGeekShow's blog post Additional Details for the USA Trip I'm Planning
"You need to consider the altitudes (ASL) that will be required to make that cross country flight.  Crossing the Rockies will have you in some very thin air."
Jan 9, 2012
Kevin Mahler replied to Brian Boyle's discussion Copter rolls left
Does it do this if you take the tape off of the trim and center it?"
Jan 3, 2012
Kevin Mahler replied to toffefe's discussion Help with bicopter (parts,ideas/thoughts)
I hope you will spend some time reading more about the projects here.  Some of your questions lead me to believe that you could gain quite a bit of knowledge from spending more time on these pages.
I seriously doubt a bi-copter would be a…"
Dec 31, 2011
Kevin Mahler replied to Matt's discussion How to determine Legality of Frequency & TX power
"Getting a Ham License will not only open up new frequencies and power options but, will teach you a great deal more about RF, tx/rx and antennas.  
Or, you could just do what you want and wait for the FCC to call you. ;)"
Dec 31, 2011
Kevin Mahler posted a discussion
I recently purchased the full kit from 3DR for a quad naively thinking I would have everything I needed to assemble my quad over the Christmas break.  I did upgrade the motors and props to the larger models.My…
Dec 31, 2011
Kevin Mahler replied to Brian Boyle's discussion Radio Trim Settings.
"The problem with moving your trims to either extreme is you are changing the throw of the gimbal electronically.  On my JR X9303, if you set the throttle trim to the bottom or top, you either add or subtract about 16 (out of 100) points of travel.…"
Dec 31, 2011
Kevin Mahler replied to AKRCGUY's discussion New 3DR Kit PDB Issues?...
"That's odd.  I received my kit on Dec 27th and mine looks nothing like yours.  While my PDB is different than the picture in the instructions, it's clearly marked.  I have run into some other issues with discrepancies from the documentation though.…"
Dec 31, 2011
Kevin Mahler commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Don't let these be you!
"I just ordered my first Arducopter and plan on using it for AP.  I do have some expensive cameras but I'll have to gain a lot of trust in the copter before I hang anything more than a GoPro from it.  However, as a Ham operator, I have thought about…"
Dec 22, 2011