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APM Power Module, doing it wrong?


I'm on my second APM build. My first was an Octocopter with an APM2.5+. I got the powermodule working but it never displayed the values quite right, it would oscillate up and down and just show unreasonable numbers. Got it replaced on warranty, bu

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No data displayed, just 0's


I can't get the OSD to show any values. They are all zeroes. Iv'e done a lot of googling but havent found the key yet.

MinimOSD v 1.1 with firmware 2.0. Updated charset. Bought a cable on Ebay to use telemetry at the same time.

APM 2.6 with Arducopt

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Did I brick my minimosd 0.1?


I got the MinimOSD v0.1 from Ebay.

Used my FTDI 3.3v cable that I got from an earlier project (with an Arduiono pro mini.)

Connected to the OSD software, but got "Cannot talk to bootloader".

Since then I have tried a lot of things I found googling. I

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