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IMU Help

How would you know that your IMU is busted? We sometimes have a wrong readings for the attitude of the helicopter. Do we have a software to test if the IMU has a problem?

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Sonar Maxbotic EZ0 and Barometer

We still dont have the same result from the sonar and barometer. Also, we tried testing the sonar via getting the signal from the sonar using the oscilliscope and comparing the result to the actual distance but the result is different?

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Can we view the movement of our heli (roll and pitch) in the logs? Only the yaw is shown. Is there a setting for that? Also the value of the logs, is it per second?

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Setup of Heli

We really don't know what the problem is (because we just followed the setup for our heli) but everytime we reset the apm+imu, the set up requires us to set the radio frequency, or pids, or the levels, or the declination values.


Is there a way to ret

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xbee connection to the apm

We are currently testing the connection of the GCS and the Heli but we can't connect thru xbee communication. We could have the data and programming using the usb. Can anyone tell us whats wrong? We are using the xbee module suggested in the site of

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