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Making a Smooth Yaw -- Pan turn

I'm currently running version 2.0.42 (very nice) in stabilize mode, on the standard Arducopter frame and components. I also have mounted a point and shoot camera to take stills and videos.

My question is how do you make the smoothest yaw/pan turn? I t

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APM Planner and configuration questions

I have been using the APM planner as just a way to burn new code into the copter. Tonight I started playing with some of the setup features. I'm not getting expected results.
I have loaded the latest 2.0.25 with APM planner 1.0.13 and attached the se

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2.0.24 Beta Crazy yaw corrections.

Just got this loaded this morning and off to test it.This was the first crash I had that broke something. I have no idea what happened, so I'm hoping someone can give me a few ideas.I have the quad equipped with a point and shoot camera (4oz or so) o

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ArduCopter Flipped with camera payload

I'm not sure what happened here so I'm hoping that someone could look at the video and give me some ideas.It was in stable flight mode.It started to drift to the left and as I was correcting, the quad started to slightly oscillate left and right, the

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Received the ArduCopter Kit :)

I seem to be missing bag #2. I can speculate that this bag is only included if purchased through FahPah and would contain the APM. This kit was purchased through the DIYDrones store.Is there a full packing list documented somewhere?It all seems to be

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Center of Gravity Question

For the optimum stability where is the recommended COG on the Z axis?

X and Y axis makes sense to have it centered between the arms, does this also apply to the Z axis? If it does, what points would you measure from? Keep in mind this is not for perfo

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Arducopter Radio recommendations

I plan on using the Arducopter (kit) with a bucket load of Radio signals, RC -- telemetry -- POV -- Pan Tilt control. I’m hoping that someone here may have recommendations for frequency's, and manufactures.

I’m thinking:

2.4GHz RC radio system for the

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